Aviation Enthused Furniture that Gives Retro Look to the Home Interiors

Aviation Enthused Furniture that Gives Retro Look to the Home Interiors

Aviation style furniture has always been in demand ever since the WWII spitfire fighter plane trash material was used to create lounge suites and chairs for aviation offices. Over the decade’s different manufacturers have created different designs that have left us spellbound. However, not all aircraft parts are up-cycled into beautiful art or furniture. Only the best material with durability and quality is used.

You may feel that these metal parts and leather materials used in aircraft are already spoilt and cannot last long. However, the fact is aircraft materials and parts are strong, sturdy, and durable. These parts are used to create an airplane that can carry tons of weight at one time. Not all parts are used to create furniture but only those which are still in better condition.  Above all, before creating any furniture all the parts are sent for shaping, cleaning, polishing, and coating to give them a new look.

Smithers of Stamford in Lincolnshire, UK are known for providing the best up-cycled aviation furniture UK. They are passionate about their work and design the best industrial furniture, reclaimed wood furniture, retro gifts, neon lights, and commercial furniture, which are used in offices residential, and commercial businesses. All furniture has a retro and urban look with a slightly modern touch.

Some manufacturers are also making furniture that is inspired by the aviation industry. The material includes Jet silver, copper, brass, or fine wood to create aircraft structure in retro design.  This furniture stands out among all other decorative pieces in the room.

Styling Tips with Aviation Inspired Furniture

  • Giving a metal finish to any furniture along with the best wood like mahogany, pine, can give it a casual as well as industrial look.  Whether it is home or office, the entire metal structure speaks about durability and trendy.
  • Select a huge sofa with a metal armrest for your living room, coated with leather material that lasts years.
  • Choose a traditional-style aviator chest for your office room.  Make sure to include useful storage space to keep your necessary stationery and a wide tabletop to keep your laptop and to rest your arms.
  • The aviator wing desk along with shelves under it gives it a contemporary look. Pair it with a cowling chair or a comfortable swivel chair with a leather seat.
  • Create your personal space in the living area or the bedroom by placing an aviator chair with a metal finish and different shades of leather. There are varieties of colours available in leather that matches the retro style chair.
  • Whether it is the living room, dining room, or office, using an aviator-inspired bookcase with vintage Jet brass colour, blends with any room. Blend the metal with wood material to give it a style that matches any interior.

Aviation-inspired furniture is quite a in demand nowadays. People, who love retro style with a light modern touch, look for such masterpieces. Don’t waste money on modern style furniture if you are changing the interior, but grab retro style aviation-inspired furniture. With just one masterpiece you can change the overall look of the house.

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