Few Valid Questions That You Must Ask Your Roofing Contractor before Hiring

Few Valid Questions That You Must Ask Your Roofing Contractor before Hiring

Selecting a right roofing contractor is really a stressful ordeal. When you are facing with the problem of leaky or damaged roof, you are already stressed up and after that you also have to chase after your roofing contractor Pretoria who can do the roof replacement job at an affordable cost.

So, you need to ensure that you will find a roofing contractor who is good and reliable too. Particularly, if you are doing such job for the first time then you must be having many questions in your mind.

Therefore, following are few questions that you must ask your potential roofing contractors while selecting any one among the number of contractors you discuss with.

1.Do you have proper license for roofing jobs?

When you discuss with few contractors in your own area and also any other roofing contractor Johannesburg, make sure that they all have valid license to do this job.

2. Do you have valid workman’s compensation insurance?

Another important thing that you must ensure is that the contractor has valid workman’s compensation insurance so that if any accident occurs then you are not penalized for that.

3. Do you also use roofing subcontractors?

Generally, for any roofing project for home, the contractor should perform the complete installation and repair work rather than subcontracting. Only for certain minor work like cleaning the area after the work he may sub-contact to some other vendor.

4. Will you completely remove my old roofing?

This is important question to know whether he will lay the new roof over your existing roof or remove them completely. If he suggests laying over existing roof then he is trying to use short cut method to do the job.

5. Who will be present on the site during roofing installation?

You must know who the person is responsible in the site, to supervise all the activities during roof replacement.

6. Can you offer your estimated cost with cost break-up?

You must ask for total break-up of the cost demanded by the contractor so that you know whether he is demanding the right price.

7. What kind of warranty/guarantee you offer?

You must ask this questions to know whether the contractor will provide any free service in case any repair work is needed even after the replacement of roof too soon.

8. What will you actually do if the weather gets bad while you are working?

You should know what arrangements are available with the roofing contractor in case the weather becomes too hostile during the installation work is in progress.

9. How will you protect rest of my property during the installation work?

During the roof instalment your contractor is going to bring many of his equipment and various other machineries. So, it is important for you to know whether your lawn or driveways will remain safely protected.

10. How long will you take to complete your project?

Last but certainly not the least, you must know how much time the contractor will take to complete the entire job as your life will remain disturbed during installation work.

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