Few Common Causes that Can Clog Your Drain and How to Fix Them

Few Common Causes that Can Clog Your Drain and How to Fix Them

One most common problem that every homeowner must have faced in their life at least once is clogged drain. Such problem can always be too messy if they are not fixed immediately.

If you ask any plumber Sydney at Wilco plumbing company, then they will too say that most of the emergency call that they get is always related to drain clogging.

Most of us are though aware of the reasons of such clogging to some extent, but here in this article we shall again mention few of them, along with the necessary ways to fix them.

Following are few most common reasons why due to our carelessness clogging of drain causes and hence we need to tell all members of the house, not to throw them in the drain.

  • Cat litter
  • Cotton swabs
  • Dental floss
  • Diaper wipes
  • Dirt
  • Feminine products
  • Food waste
  • Hair
  • Mineral build-up
  • Oil, grease, and fats
  • Plants and leaves
  • Soap
  • Too many toilet papers

We shall take up few of them and discuss how can you trouble shoot if you ever come across this problem due to such items.

  1. Most of your bathroom or toilet drain can get clogged due to throwing hair, dirt, skin flakes, which will always bind with soap scum present on the drain pipe walls. In due course of time, this gunk will accumulate to reduce water flow.


You must remove and clean your drain stopper. Then use humble drain plunger to block your over-flow drain of tub or sink. In case this fail to work then remove your drain elbow joint to clean it out.

You must also clean drain stoppers as a routine, to prevent such clogs and use hair strainer drain-cover for trapping hair before it can go down your drain.

  1. Few items like feminine hygiene products, dental floss and diaper wipes should not ever be flushed down your drain. They will never get dissolved into water.


Your first line of defence is the plunger that can shoot water jets to clear your drain pipe. Next, you can use hand-powered drain auger. Though, it will not be a pleasant experience, but hand auger is able to reach about 2 – 5 feet down your toilet drain pipe and either break-up or retrieve these things.

To prevent your toilet from clogs, only put in paper and waste that can readily dissolve into the water. With regular cleaning too, you can keep smooth water flow.

  1. Most common item is soap residue, which is also known as a soap scum, which can accumulate over a period of time, especially in your laundry, bathroom and shower drains. As a result, it can reduce the diameter of your drain pipe and cause slowing down drainage or create backups.

Soap is also capable of combining with few other materials like hair and dirt and creates clogs.


With pressure cleaning, which is one of the best ways to remove the soap build-up from your pipes? To prevent, you can use soap-free washes for stopping soap scum.

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