What are UV rays/lightning and why are they so dangerous? How They Cause Heath Problem?

What are UV rays/lightning and why are they so dangerous? How They Cause Heath Problem?

In order to establish the meaning of the term UV Lighting, it is necessary that, we first determine the etymological origin of the two words that make it up:

-Rays comes from the Latin “radius”, which can mean both “rod” and “ray”.

-Ultraviolet, on the other hand, is a compound word derived from Latin. Specifically, it was formed with the prefix “ultra-“, which means “beyond”, and the noun “viola”, which is equivalent to “purple flower”.

Ultraviolet Rays

Lines of energy that are produced at a certain point and propagate in a certain direction are called lightning. According to their characteristics, it is possible to differentiate between infrared rays, X-rays, gamma rays, alpha rays and light rays, among many other types.

In this case, we will refer to ultraviolet rays. This electromagnetic radiation includes rays with a wavelength ranging from 400 nm to 15 nm. Its name (ultraviolet) is linked to the fact that the wavelength range begins behind the visible spectrum that we people observe as the color violet.

Ultraviolet rays, which are also known as UV lightning, generate chemical effects that can be harmful to health. This radiation is part of the sun’s rays, something that forces us to protect ourselves from the radiation of the main star in the Solar System.

Like most rays, ultraviolet radiation can be used for various purposes. Ultraviolet rays allow the creation of lighting devices that, in some contexts, even serve to catch or eliminate insects and to detect the presence of fluids (such as semen or blood) on a surface. These rays also make it possible to sterilize products because they kill viruses and bacteria.

As for the sun’s rays, most of the UV radiation is absorbed by the atmosphere. However, due to the hole in the ozone layer, more and more UV rays reach the earth’s surface. When a person is exposed to these rays, they can suffer from various skin problems, including cancer.

Given the serious consequences that we can suffer from the action of ultraviolet rays on our body, it is necessary that we take measures in this regard. Thus, doctors advise that when you are going to be exposed to the sun for a long time, you should follow these recommendations:

-Wear a hat to protect your head and avoid problems with sunstroke.

-Put on sunglasses with the clear objective of avoiding serious damage to the eyes.

-In the same way, it is important that before exposing to the sun any person applies sunscreen, which should be the most appropriate factor both for the type of skin of the person and the time to be outdoors.

-It is also recommended that when the individual has been in the sun for a long time, he or she should look for a place where there is shade in order to remain in the sun.

-Another measure to follow is to keep in mind that ultraviolet rays can cause skin damage all year round, regardless of the season or whether it is a sunny or cloudy day.

UV-ray related health problems 

Skin cancer

  • Every hour one American dies due to skin cancer
  • One out of five Americans can develop skin cancer

UV radiation exposure is preventable, so take the necessary precautions to avoid skin cancer like melanoma. It is a serious skin cancer type affecting young adults and adolescents. However, all melanoma is not sun-related.

Actinic Keratosis

Actinic keratosis is another skin disorder related to UV rays. Your face, forearms, hands, and neck that get exposed to the sun are susceptible to actinic keratosis kind of lesions. They are non-malignant but risky for the squamous cell carcinoma. If you discover reddish, raised, and rough-textured skin growth promptly seeks medical attention.

Premature aging

Premature aging can be triggered due to chronic exposure to sun rays. Over time your skin gets thick, leathery, and wrinkled. More than 90% of visible skin changes due to aging are because of sun rays. Proper protection can avoid premature skin aging.

Immune suppression

Overexposure to sun rays can deteriorate your immune system, which in turn lessens the ability of your skin to defend against invaders like infections and cancer.

It is wise to follow the doctor’s recommendation as mentioned above.

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