Things to Consider While Choosing an Ideal Water Pipe

Things to Consider While Choosing an Ideal Water Pipe

Which is an ideal water pipe? For some 20” tower defines power, while for a few funky, colored glass small bubbler. The style of the water pipe does not matter, but beginners need to look out for some features in a new water pipe when they visit online smoke shop.

Express Smoke Shop offers an endless supply of bongs in terms of colors, shapes, material, and size. You get to select a beaker with a wider bottom that holds sufficient water or a honeycomb piece with holes to allow smoke to contact water. However, you will first need to look at some things before buying a bong.

Overall Height

Height makes a huge difference. For monster hits, a larger size is good because it can hold plenty of smoke. If you desire something discreet, then look for something small and portable. The majority of the pipes are big, so carrying around is not simple but you can stow a small piece with ease. Besides, it is hard to place pipes larger than 16 inches on the shelf.


It doesn’t matter what mouthpiece kind you choose for the water pipe. However, some users like different things. You can choose between thick or thin mouthpiece.

Go thick

Choosing a water pipe neck and thick mouthpiece, you get to upgrade the bong with an ice pinch. Besides, people adore a thick neck because the design allows you to do smoking old school.

Thin can be fine to go with

You can go thin. There is no problem, as there are several attractive visual creations. It is a matter of your preference.

Joint gender and sizes

Bowls, nails, adapters, bongs, ash catchers, etc. have a gender. The only thing to remember is that female pieces go into male joints and vice versa. Joints are available in 3 different sizes – 10, 14, and 18 mm. The common joint size used is 14 mm. 10mm joints are rarely seen, whereas 18mm gets used on big size bongs.

The slide

Slides are available in varieties of sizes and shapes. They are prone to breaking, so know its size as you will need the information while replacing it.

Ash catcher

Without an ash catcher, you will need to put a lot of effort into cleaning the water bong, especially when your bong has percolators. Frequent smokers will need an ash catcher to keep the glass clean.

Oil or herbs – what will you use?

If you plan to smoke concentrate then you will need a dab rig. The majority of concentrate accessories are female because rigs have male joints. With concentrates, you will not need an ash catcher because there is hardly any residue or ash left. You will need a rig with a male joint.

If you will use dry herbs then a female joint is recommended. However, you will need an ash catcher, especially when the oil rig is equipped with percolators.

Different types of percolators

Choosing the right percolator is necessary because massive diffusion creates drag, which is hard to inhale the smoke.

  • The fritted disc has numerous glass shards to create pathways for the smoke to penetrate.
  • Honeycombs perc has less diffusion than the fritted disc.
  • The showerhead is an inverted cub sitting at the bottom

Little things can make a difference!

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