Treatment for Coronavirus Disease – The Deadly Pandemic

Treatment for Coronavirus Disease – The Deadly Pandemic

Not everyone who comes in contact with SARS COV-2 will fall sick. Some may contract, get infected and still be asymptomatic. They might not develop any symptoms as well and just mild discomfort. However, when any individual exhibit the symptoms for coronavirus they are slow and gradual with time.

As per the medical reports, Covid-19 affects old people severely, those who are above 50-60. Also, people with underlying conditions such as diabetes, chronic lung disease and heart problems tend to fall drastically ill and critical. If you experience the common symptoms of Covid-19 and suffering from high fever and headache that refuses to go, you can follow the following steps at home:

Understanding how sick you are

Before jumping to any conclusion, you must analyse what are your possibilities of contacting the virus. You are likely to get if you are living in an infected area where there has been an outbreak or if you have travelled abroad.

Wearing Masks

If you think you are infected, it is impertinent to wear a face mask. Any protective KN95 face masks will protect your family members. This will reduce the chances of them being affected whoever is staying with you. This way, the spread of this deadly virus can be capped.

Calling your family doctor

Try to be in touch with your family doctor because the person is well aware of your health conditions. However, if that is not possible you can also contact a doctor from online for assistance. The doctor will evaluate your condition and might ask you to be in touch with Central Disease Control and Prevention unit to get hold of the necessary medicines.

Home quarantine

It has been reported that people affected with coronavirus does not always need ICU care. Since this virus weakens the human body, you will need ample amount of rest. It is completely normal if you feel tired and exhausted most of the time. This is because your body is fighting the deadly virus. Stay away from people and avoid sharing any type of things you are using.

Need for medical care

From most of the trusted medical sources 80 percent of the world’s population have recovered without any hospital help. If you are a healthy individual with mild symptoms you just need to isolate yourself and eat healthy.

Individuals with no underlying health conditions

If you fall sick with coronavirus be sure that you eat healthy and boost your immune system. You must drink plenty of fluids. This will help your lymphatic system to flush out the toxins and viral load from your body. Gargle with warm water frequently. Drink warm water as much as you can. If you are feeling weak avoid non vegetarian items during this period, go vegetarian. It will be light on your stomach to digest.

Individuals with underlying conditions

Underlying conditions such as asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes and other lifestyle diseases needs care and protection. Do not stop using any medicines that you are having regularly. Always remember with proper medical care and medicines people with these conditions have also fought off this virus.

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