Tips for Helping Your Loved One Age in Place

Tips for Helping Your Loved One Age in Place

As family members age, they often require more care and assistance than they used to. In some families, the person’s children can provide the care and help that they need. For others, the children may not live close enough or may not have enough time to provide as much help as their loved ones require. This often results in the aging family member being transferred to a long-term care facility. But if your loved one is determined to stay in their home, there are still options available for you. Keep reading to learn more about home care agencies in San Diego and how you can help your loved one age in place.

Consider Their Needs

First and foremost, it’s extremely important that you give careful consideration to your loved one’s needs, particularly their medical needs. If they require constant attention from a medical professional, a nursing home is probably a better option for them. If they need assistance with personal tasks on a regular basis, such as bathing and using the toilet, there are in-home care options available, but you’ll want to ensure that the company you choose is equipped for these more in-depth tasks.

Find Someone to Fill the Gaps

The key to aging in place is often as simple as finding someone who can bridge the gaps in what your loved one needs and what you are able to provide yourself. In some cases, this might mean a full-time caregiver at home. In other cases, you might simply need someone to assist your loved one during the day while you’re at work, and you can take over after you’re off. And in still other cases, all you need is someone to provide simple housekeeping from time to time.

The key to filling these gaps is to take an objective look at what your loved one needs and what you (and perhaps other friends and family members) can realistically provide. While you may wish you could provide constant care for your loved one, the reality is that you have your own needs and other demands on your time. It’s often better to get more help than you think you need than to spread yourself too thin and end up burnt out and resentful of the person you’re caring for.

Think about Changing Needs

Your loved one’s current level of care can change over time, and sometimes, can change quite quickly. Make sure that you find someone who can meet not only your loved one’s current needs but who can adapt to their needs as they change over the years. Aging in place often involves changes in a person’s mobility and ability to perform various tasks. So, you’ll need a caregiver who can adapt to those changes.

Make Their Home Safer

Finally, look around your loved one’s home and consider how you can make it safer for them. If their mobility is on the decline, you might consider making some additions to their home to make it more accessible, like installing a stairlift, a walk-in tub, or handrails near the toilet. Tack down rugs and make sure there are no other tripping hazards in any rooms. These little changes can go a long way towards making their home a safer place for them to age in.

Aging in place is often much more comfortable for seniors, but it’s important you help them do it right so that they’re safe, healthy, and have all their needs met. Start by looking for home care agencies San Diego that can help fill the gaps in their care, and you’ll have more peace of mind about them staying in their home.

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