All That You Wanted to Know About Ice Bongs

All That You Wanted to Know About Ice Bongs

New users of bongs or those who are trying to smoke after a very long time, must read this article, as we will also try to explain few associated terms used for bongs.

You may find bong for sale in any nearby Express smoke shop in your city or online, where you can find many varieties of bongs. Before you visit shop for buying any smoke items, reading this article will be useful.

What is ice catcher?

Ice catcher is one of the parts of bong, which is meant for holding ice, for getting cooler smoking experience. Usually, you will find them located in the bong’s stem, just above percolators and the main chamber.

They are also known as –

  • Ice pinch
  • Ice catch
  • Ice pincher
  • Ice chamber

How does an ice catcher work?

Usually, ice catcher is created by making number of indents on the tube’s inside, which come to point in its center.

All these indentations will make this tube thinner, and allow them to properly hold ice and also filter the smoke through smaller hole, for getting most cooling from it.

Will ice catches make it difficult to clean the bongs?

Often this will depend on pipe design. If your ice catch has many arms, or are too close to almost touching in its center, it may restrict airflow if it gets clogged, and will make it difficult to fit any cleaning tools into the bong, particularly your percolator.

How can you put ice in your bong?

It is quite simple and you need not be too careful, but ensure that ice cubes are not too big to fit or also too small that it falls through. Simply drop in just a handful and smoke.

You are free to put as much you want. More you will put inside your smoke will be cooler. However, remember, ice will melt faster and all the water may trickle down into chamber, so avoid flooding it.

FAQ about ice catcher

Following are few frequently asked questions about ice catcher that we have tried to answer.

  • Is it necessary to get water pipe along with percolator and ice catch?

That is entirely your choice particularly if you want smoothest smoking and also can handle a large bong then it is fine.

Generally, percolator bongs can be smoother, but may cost more, but if you can afford easily then you can get it.

  • Is it necessary to get dab rig too with ice catcher?

Your dab rigs must be much smoother than any regular bongs as dabs are generally taken at higher temperature. Your hits will be smoother due to ice catcher.

Although, dab rigs mostly have thin tubes which cannot fit the ice catches. Remember that dab rigs having ice catches can usually be larger.

  • Can ice catcher bongs be turned into dab rigs?

Of course, you can. Depending on how smooth they can be and also because mostly ice catcher’s water pipes have percolators, you will have no problem to turn your bong into high quality of oil rig with few numbers of dab rig accessories.

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