What If? 8

What If?

OK, all you patriots out there, tell us “what would George do?”


8 thoughts on “What If?

  1. Steaming Pyle Oct 13,2013 22:36

    George would stick it where the sun don’t shine……..

  2. Stirrin the BS Oct 14,2013 18:18

    George would have declared war on the instigator of this tyranny.

  3. Babushka Babe Oct 14,2013 18:47

    I agree with all you above.

  4. Charlie WalksonWater Oct 14,2013 19:42

    He would have rallied the American Patriots, and lead a movement to topple the king. He would have a name. Sarah.

  5. Arlie Oct 14,2013 19:47

    A few men in a boat would have gone before hand and opened or disassembled the gates so the General could get through. Just like Louie Gohmert and other Congressmen and caring citizens made sure the WW11 Vets would not be impeaded or distressed on thier visit to their monument in DC.

    Why are liberals control-freaks…it seems an oxymoron, no?

  6. jclady Oct 14,2013 19:54

    The results would be no different.

    The resolve of our founders far out-matches what we are experiencing today.

    We need similar leaders who understand the big picture and have the spine to achieve those results.

    Right now, that’s Cruz, Lee, Paul, Palin, Gohmert and a few more.

    All the rest have to prove themselves or they can go home next year.

  7. RightWinger Oct 14,2013 22:23

    Washington would have found the culprits and then had them hung in front of town square for treason. Tarred and feathered if caught by regular patriots.

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