Trump – Pence!

Trump – Pence! –

Rabbit Hole 2

Oh, Trump-Pence, here we’re in full spin
Severe our scars, we’ll help you win
Eight years have turned our Land to weeds
Trump-Pence! Trump-Pence! Please, Trump-Pence!

Oh help us dig out of this hole
We’ve tried before but down we fall
We have been wronged Oh hear our call
Trump-Pence!  Trump-Pence!  Oh, Trump-Pence!

We cannot let our Land fall flat
Help us to rid these psychopaths
Help us to fight the bad guys back
This very day!  This very day!
Our nation is quite under siege
They’re scheming!
Left-Wing scheming!
Oh, Trump-Pence!

Oh how much more can we take?
Our destruction from Left’s wake

Help us to find our way
Help us where we have strayed

Help us to not fall prey
Help us to stand, be brave


Provocateurs and Saboteurs
Evil engrained while we all lose
The Left’s lying – let’s sweep away
On voting day!
On voting day!

Don’t listen to lies Barry spreads
Remember what our Founders said

Hillary lies, her web expands
We must protect Americans!
Please lead us back to save our Land
Trump-Pence!  Trump-Pence!  Oh, Trump-Pence!

Oh how much more can we take?
Oh help us to find our way —


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