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How do you shut these people up? Liberals just cannot keep their toxic maws closed, can they? Day after day, after torturous day, these idiots bludgeon us with their boorish, arrogant, divisive talk.

Where in the name of sweet fancy Moses is the OFF button?!

Most Americans tuned Barack Obama out sometime during 2013. We just got sick of his endless loop of lies uttered in that droning, “uh” and “um”-filled twaddle.

But he isn’t the only one. These people just cannot give it a rest.

So, for this week, permit me to offer you the SHUT UP Edition of Dianny’s Thursday Lightning Round.

ROUND 1: Who Knew Wax Figurines Could Talk?!

American-born Luis Gutierrez, whose parents are from Puerto Rico (an American territory), has, for some reason, christened himself Congressmen to all illegal aliens who speak Spanish.


When push comes to shove, I have more standing to speak on behalf of people who emigrate to the United States than he does. At least my mother is an immigrant and naturalized US citizen. His parents have always been citizens and so has he.

But Luis Gutierrez, radical communist and all-around obnoxious blow-hard — or, as I call him “The Wax Figurine” — for some reason believes that because he speaks Spanish, he is the Spokesman of All Illegal Aliens.

Let me tell you something. Leaving aside the fact that it is a medical wonder that a man made of candlewax is capable of speaking at all, I’m getting downright sick and tired of hearing him.

He is a belligerent prick.

The only people Luis Gutierrez should be concerning himself with are the citizens of the United States who have the misfortune of living in his district in Illinois.

If Gutierrez wants to represent the people here in this country illegally, he should resign from the House of Representatives and take a job at La Raza.

Naturally, Gutierrez — who has no problems with the President of the United States violating the separation of powers — has a lot of problems with a Judge acting in accordance with his role and placing a stay on Obama’s unconstitutionally legislating from the bench.

Because, you see, all is fair in Fundamental Transformation and war. So, America is not to respond to what Obama does. We are to simply lie still and let him have his way with us. Don’t fight it. Don’t object. Just be silent and soon it’ll be over.

And because Luis wants to collapse US National Sovereignty, using our system of government to stop Obama is cause for yelling and screaming and making threats on national television.

Seriously, can somebody shut that wax figurine up?! Either melt the bastard’s wax lips or, even better, just slap a piece of duct tape on those flapping gums.

Shut Up Gutierrez

We don’t want to hear from you Luis. You do not speak for the American People. And you don’t give the hairy ass of a rat if Americans object to opening the floodgates and letting millions of illegals pour in and belly up to the government welfare trough.

You won’t be the one paying the price for this, you loudmouth asshole.

We the People will have to foot the bill.

We fought a revolution because of taxation without representation.

And that is precisely what we have today.

From the dick in the White House to the candlestick from Chicago — nobody in the Democrat Party gives a damn about the American People.

Sure. You want our money. You demand our money. You expect our money.

But we are not permitted to speak out against your lawlessness.

Sorry, Waxy. Doesn’t work that way.

Por favor, Luis, cierra la boca.

ROUND 2: When All Else Fails, Double-Down on Stupid

The self-proclaimed “World’s Smartest Woman” has declared that you, my friends, are too stupid to understand her brilliance.

So there!

Last weekend, I pointed out that the very fact that Scott Walker doesn’t have a college degree falls squarely in the PLUS column as far as I’m concerned.

Marie Harf is Exhibit A as to why.

This is what passes for smart in Washington DC. Some pencil-neck wonk who has never in her entire life had what we on Planet Earth call a “Job,” claiming that she knows better than everyone else how to defeat ISIS.

She knows better than generals who have actually served in the military, commanded troops in wartime and faced these barbarians.

She knows better than what the history books tell us about war and peace.

She knows better, not because she is an active part of the War on Terror, but because she possesses a Master’s Degree in Foreign Affairs.

Sure, she worked at the CIA, but don’t get the idea that she was the female Mitch Rapp. She was an analyst who focused on “Middle East Leadership Issues.”

Whatever the hell that is.

And this policy wonk believes that we are just too stupid to understand the “nuance” of her moronic statement that we cannot win this war by killing ISIS. But we can win this war by providing them job opportunities.

The Stupid Nation Room

“Nuance” is a favorite word of Liberals. It’s their way of saying, “We speak so far above you and you’re too stupid to understand what we’re saying.” Okay. Then if that’s the case, Marie, perhaps “Spokesperson” isn’t the job for you.

What’s ironic is “nuance” means subtle. Subtle variations, delicate differences.

What in Lucifer’s reach is subtle about saying “We can’t win this war by killing them,” or “We can’t kill our way out of this war?”

What is subtle about saying “We need in the medium to longer term to go after the root causes that leads people to join these groups, whether it’s lack of opportunity for jobs?”

And, precisely what is subtle about saying we’re too stupid to understand what you are saying?

Listen, Marie, you half-wit. I understand what you are saying. You’re saying that as long as Barack Obama is President, our enemies will not face a strong and decisive military force to stop them. As long as Barack Obama is President, we will waste American taxpayer dollars trying to prop up barbaric basket cases by Fundamentally Transforming them into Obama Utopian Fantasylands.

Well, look, honey. Obama has failed miserably at creating economic opportunity and jobs here in the nation he is supposed to be leading, and we aren’t barbaric throwbacks to the twelfth century.

What your “nuance” is lacking is any grounding in reality.

But rather than facing reality, you double-down on your arrogant stupidity and effectively say that we Americans are too stupid to understand you.

The problem isn’t that we don’t understand.

The problem is, we do.

We know that what this Administration is doing (or not doing as the case may be) will put this nation in great danger. We know that this Administration is unwilling to even name our enemy let alone decisively wipe them off the face of the planet.

And rather than acknowledge that we have a serious disagreement in strategy, you get snotty and basically counter, “Oh yeah?! Well, you’re stupid!!”

Just because you have a job at the State Department doesn’t make you smarter than I or any other American citizen.

We may not work at the State Department, but we do reside on Planet Earth. And, because of that, we possess that quality so elusive to you Liberals: Common sense.

When it comes to our enemies, we are far more intelligent than you could ever dream to be.

So do us all a favor, Marie.

Shut the hell up.

ROUND 3: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Remember the old story about Harry Reid telling Obama how impressive a speaker he was?

According to the story, Barack told Harry Reid, “I have a gift.”

If ever there was a time I wish we had held onto the receipt, this is it.

I’d give anything to exchange that gift for something we could all use.

Barack Obama, the great campaigner, who, just last month in his State of the Union address declared that he has no more campaigns to run, is on a Public Relations Campaign for Islam.

ISIS is gobbling up the Middle East. ISIS is slaughtering Jews, Christians and Muslims who would prefer not to live under their psychotic caliphate.

And Barack Obama, the Commander-in-Chief of the single greatest military the world has ever known, is more concerned with acting as Good Will Ambassador of the Muslims than he is being Commander-in-Chief.

He penned an Op-Ed in the Los Angeles Times yesterday defending both Islam and his non-strategy Strategy of dealing with our enemies:

Groups like al Qaeda and ISIL promote a twisted interpretation of religion that is rejected by the overwhelming majority of the world’s Muslims.

Yeah. Yeah. We get it. Not all Muslims buy in to the barbarism of these guys. Can you just shut up about it now and wipe these bastards off the face of the Earth?

But what was even more disgusting was reading this:

Efforts to counter violent extremism will only succeed if citizens can address legitimate grievances through the democratic process and express themselves through strong civil societies.

Their “legitimate grievances?”

Is he high?

What fantasy world does this idiot live on?

You know what their grievance is, you blind, foolish man?

There are human beings on the planet that do not believe as they do. That’s their “grievance.” They want to kill every single person who does not believe as they do. That is their “grievance.”

Their “grievance” is the primary reason we have to destroy them, you idiot.

The guy who stalks and murders his ex-girlfriend has a grievance too. She broke up with him and he wants her back.

As the brilliant Jeannie DeAngelis pointed out on Twitter yesterday:

But who here is surprised?

Back in 2001, Barack Obama penned an article about the 9/11 attacks that pretty much was nothing but pissing and moaning about why the terrorists hate us and how horrible their lives have been.

Well, boo friggin’ hoo.

Frankly, I don’t give a damn about their grievances.

There’s a Thanksgiving episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” from Season 4 called “Pangs” in which Buffy has to fight a vengeance spirit of a Native American tribe. She and Willow get in a heated debate about how mistreated the Indians were and this vengeance spirit was just trying to redress the wrongs of his people.

One scene in particular makes me think of Barack Obama and his merry band of idiots:

Buffy : Will, anything in those books about how to stop a Native American spirit guy? Some nice, non-judgmental way to, you know, kill him?

Willow: I’m not gonna help you kill him. I’m not on board.

Buffy: What choice do we have?

Willow: Buffy, this isn’t a Western. We’re not at Fort…Giles with the cavalry coming to save us. It’s one lonely guy. Oppressed warrior guy who’s just trying to…

Buffy: Kill a lot of people?

Willow: I didn’t say he was right.

Buffy: Will, you know how bad I feel about this. It’s eating me up– (To Anya.) 1/4 Cup of brandy and let it simmer– (To Willow.) But even though it’s hard, we have to end this. Yes, he’s been wronged, And I personally would be ready to apologize–

Spike: Oh, someone put a stake in me.

Xander: You got a lot of volunteers in here.

Spike: I just can’t take all this mamby-pamby boo-hooing about the bloody Indians.

Buffy: Uh, the preferred term–

Spike: You won. All right? You came in and you killed them and you took their land. That’s what conquering nations do. It’s what Caesar did, and he’s not going around saying, “I came, I conquered, I felt really bad about it.” The history of the world isn’t people making friends. You had better weapons, and you massacred them. End of story.

Buffy: Well, I think the Spaniards actually did a lot of– Not that I don’t like Spaniards.

Spike: Listen to you. How you gonna fight anyone with that attitude?

Willow: We don’t wanna fight anyone.

Buffy: I just wanna have thanksgiving.

And then, later in the episode, when the spirit raises an army and attacks Buffy, she shouts out, “Listen, maybe I wasn’t clear before about how terrible we all feel. Cuz we’re trying to help!”

If you’re wondering, the vengeance spirits continue trying to kill them.

ISIS does not want us to address their “legitimate grievances.” They want us to die. They want to exterminate us.

And what is Obama’s solution?

An “Op-Ed?”

A “summit” on “Violent Extremism?”

A nationwide PR Campaign on behalf of “Moderate Muslims?”

In other words. Obama’s solution is what it always is.

Talk, talk and more talk.

The time for talk is over.

The time for action began long ago.

We either fight them where they are, or we just keep talking until we’re having to fight them here at home.

What’s it gonna be, Barack?

Do you just keep on talking while ISIS mows down the Middle East and makes their way to the United States? And then what? Will we, like Buffy, be pinned down by an enemy that wants to kill us while you make speech after speech telling them how sorry we are for their “legitimate grievances?”

For once, Barack. Take that “gift” of yours and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

For six miserable years, all that talk of yours has done the sum total of Zero for the American People or for the world.

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  2. Geoduck Feb 19,2015 17:08

    Harf’s State Dept is closing our embassies all over that region. Perhaps, like apparently the rest of us according to Harf, ISIS isn’t nuance-savvy enough to know they shouldn’t want to cut off our heads because we’re really there to help them find jobs.

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    Do not forget that Obama lionized Lincoln and Lincoln never even went to college.
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