UPDATE 2: They’re just Obama in Disguise 2

You remember that old Elvis song, “You’re the Devil in Disguise?” I found myself singing that over the last few days.

You look like an Angel
Walk like an Angel
Talk like an Angel
But I got wise
You’re the Devil in disguise
Oh yes you are, Devil in disguise

I don’t know. Maybe it was doing those Photoshops of Obama as Elvis that did it.

Any old how. I got to thinking about how all these Democrats running for reelection who have been working tirelessly to divorce themselves and their voting records from Obama may be pretending to walk and talk like moderate angels, but they’re just Obama in disguise.

So, it inspired me to do a few images of some Obama Democrat Senators with their disguises stripped off:

Marack Warner

Kay Husseigan02

Mary Landrieussein

Marack Udall



Lest we forget Mark Pryor in Arkansas:

Marack Pryor


How silly of me! I forgot Jeanne Shaheen!

Jeanne Obamaheen

2 thoughts on “UPDATE 2: They’re just Obama in Disguise

  1. william Oct 30,2014 05:45

    OK, I’m a little slow on the up-take….It just hit me….you write in lyrics…with bass, timing, melody, percussion…your writing/rants come to me and others like a song…..I’m envious, but now I understand why your writing grabs my attention…lovely

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