The O-Men 1

This image was inspired by a comment GruntofMonteCristo made on my post about Marie Harf called “Employment Woman.” He had written: “I think you’ve created a meme with some legs there! She’s definitely a natural super heroine. But I think you need a more broadly-applicable superhero name, and work in “Nuance” somehow. Awesome graphic!”

I liked the name Nuance. I thought it sounded a lot like “Storm” from the X-Men. And, suddenly, the O-Men was born.

Thanks for the idea, Grunt!


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The O-Men

One comment on “The O-Men

  1. GruntOfMonteCristo Feb 19,2015 22:28

    That is just too ‘nuanced’ to be believed, Dianny! She’s a keeper! And Saki and Bullverine and all the rest are superb, too. A great team to battle the Random Threat. And thanks for the hat tip!
    GruntOfMonteCristo recently posted…Maybe It’s Not Time Yet, But It’s Damn CloseMy Profile

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