The Little Girl’s Room

The Little Girl’s Room

bathroom 2


Now it’s broad daylight

And you have to let me in, alright

I can pee in your Lou right in sight

Just we two, just we two

In my pink sarong

No lawsuits ’cause now there’s nothing wrong

Got a feeling up me – it’s so strong – about you

Then you gazed up at me and the answer is lunacy

‘Cause I saw the fright in your eyes

Oh surprise!


No I’m not clowning

Don’t care if you would suspect a thing

There’s nobody gonna come and bring

The po-lice, the po-lice

There’s no place to run

With these doors it wouldn’t help you none

Can’t scream loud enough to call no one

Oh the dread…

So I’m coming for you

Politicians, oh know it too

And I saw the fright in your eyes

No surprise!


Let’s just get undressed

It’s not something that I say in jest

‘Cause you’re in here, girl, it’s not a test

How time flies —

I’m the doorman decor

And I’m flashy and pink galore

Now you see delight in my eyes

Oh surprise!  Oh surprise!  Oh surprise!




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