The Little Girl There

The Little Girl There

little girl isis 2


My life’s passing ‘fore me, I swear

I’m standing in front of men there

They’re leering at me — wish I couldn’t see

And then — the bidding starts for me, again

I knew in my heart this was the end

Wish it wasn’t so — but allah says go


I try — to pray with my might to my God above

Where has He gone?  I’m alone — I need His love!

I am so little in a world upside down

These men are monsters — depraved — these men are vile and hellbound


Oh there, there



These muslim men shout and — they stare

I’m captured — more than I can bear

My life has now passed — how long can I last?

Ask why?  My Lord, I shout out to You as I cry!

Why have You left me?  Is this how I will die?

Nothing means anything — my world is now gone

Who’s there to rescue me?  But — my world’s been taken away


Oh there, there


[“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”]



I’m telling you now — don’t you care?

Oh Lord, I’m in dread

Can’t You see?  I need help!

Oh my world’s on the brink!

Oh I’m here God, don’t leave me alone!


Oh my, it’s an effort too — must admit — my prayers on my breath

What there is left of it

What is my fate here at this hour of the day?

My life is over and done, Islam has stripped it away

Oh there, there


Oh there



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