The Jihadists Have Been Busy 1

Who has been keeping up with the news?

I have!  The MSM and even Fox News leads the coverage this week with Manti Te’o alternating with Lance Armstrong.

Has anything been happening because of Jihadists?

If you read Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs you could keep up with the BP gas plant attack in Algeria.

#myjihad in Algerian Jihad Crisis Continues: Muslim Terrorists still hold Americans, at least 20 non-Muslims hostage, 30 killed, death toll rising

#myjihad in Algeria: Hostage crisis “over,” They killed them all


Also the Bulgarian Bus bombing by Hezballah

#myjihad in Bulgaria behind #savage Bulgaria Bus Bombing


The Bomb threat by jihadists force evacuation of Lyon metro

#myjihad in France: Jihadist bomb threat forces evacuation of Lyon metro


A muslim gang savagely beats catholic student in New York

 #myjihad in New York: Savage Muslim Gang Beat Catholic Student Committed to Non-Violence with tire iron, baseball bat and blackjack


Did you hear about the Muslim sex trafficking ring that gang raped, bought, branded and sold infidel girls for eight years?

 Muslim Child Sex Trafficking Ring gang-raped, bought and sold young infidel girls aged 11 to 16 for 8 years, branded ‘M’ for Muhammed on buttocks


Well we all heard about the Jewish school in Belgium that was forced to shut down…. No?

 #myjihad in Belgium: Jewish School Forced to Shut down


Certainly we all heard about the hooded sharia enforcers stalking London, removing alcoholic drinks from drinkers and telling women to cover up.  No, neither did I.

#myjihad Sharia Enforcers: Hooded ‘Muslim Patrol’ remove alcohol from drinkers and tell women to cover up as they stalk London


It is up to each one of us as individuals to educate ourselves, spread the news and support those standing in the forefront like Atlas Shrugs to spread the word about the Jihadists.  It is up to us to turn the lights on these cockroaches of the world, the jihadists roaches the MSM would leave in the dark to breed and spread the disease of sharia.


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  1. LC Aggie Sith Jan 19,2013 15:26

    I don’t rely on the American media any more. Is it sad that Pravda is more balanced now??

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