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  1. Googie Mar 29,2016 16:18

    I hear through the grapevine that there is scuttlebutt that people don’t like my picture. I hear that they say Cruz never attacked Trump’s wife. I tend to side with that account and I believe him. HOWEVER, I personally know people on the other side who think the anti-Trump PAC is somehow tied to Cruz.

    I think this whole situation is a mess. I think the bickering between the “No vote for Cruz” and the “No vote for Trump” people and burn the whole place down and give it to Hillary is BUNK!!!

    I’m sick of all the fighting. There’s been enough crap said from both sides!!! I stand by my picture. If Reiuxcat sees fit to fire me, fine. If nobody wants to see my work, then fine! Googie
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  3. Aunt Liz Mar 29,2016 21:22

    Googie, you are exactly right! I am sick of the fighting amongst ourselves as well! You keep posting!! People want to see, and Reiuxcat ain’t afraid of no scuttlebutt!

  4. Googie Mar 29,2016 21:49

    Thanks Aunt Liz! It’s good to have your support!
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