I’ve Been Having Fun Lately

I've Been Having Fun Lately
I don’t know. Maybe it’s the coming holiday season. But I’ve been having fun lately. Here are some more images I’ve posted on my Facebook page this week. Josh Earnest told Jorge Ramos of Fusion TV that the President was looking forward to taking “Executive Action” on Amnesty. On Planet Earth, we don’t so much ...

DIANNY RANTS: My, But Standards Have Slipped

DIANNY RANTS: My, But Standards Have Slipped
On MSNBC last night, Ronan Farrow, whose claim to fame is he is the offspring of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen claimed that what we Americans crave is “Clinton-style” honesty. Wow. Okay, only if I also crave Bill Clinton-style fidelity, Hillary Clinton-style fashion, Chelsea Clinton-style hair or Bill Clinton-style cardiac health. Have our standards slipped ...
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