Strings Attached

Strings Attached


He’s the head of that Dem Party
Part of that old commie bas-tian
And got his muzzie hooks in
Our government, see?
And now the damage is done
Ohhh —

He’s awful!  Stinkin’ up our Land – this boy
He’s just a wanna be thug Muslim ploy
Thinks he’s above us – all us hoi palloi
Boy!  He’s awful! Stinkin’ up our Land – this boy

He’s awful close with that there Iran band
Oh yes we’d like to give them all a whack
He’s got the muzzies shoutin’ and they cheer
Boy, Barack is evil and a mouse’s rear

Barack has his lackeys
His lackeys incite
Arrest all of those lackeys!
They work at night
But —

He’s awful!  Stinkin’ up our Land – this boy
Bringing in all those aliens – oh joy
You’d have to say they’re coming by convoys
Boy, he’s awful!  Stinkin’ up our Land – this boy

Heave ho!  Heave ho!
Ho ho ho ho

The voters just weren’t thinkin’
Now he’s thrown us in the drink and
Now we’re drownin’ – he’s so stinkin’ – this here Muslim boy

Heave ho!  Heave Ho!
Ho ho ho ho ho ho

Our country’s out of time
We need Trump to be our guide

We are tired of the lies
From that evil boy

Boot him out — he’s B S
It’s way past time
His followers they act like zombies
My oh my oh my

Today our country’s stumbling in his smog
And this is happ’ning while he chews up dogs
This Barack thug is such a real killjoy
Boy, he’s awful stinkin’
He is really that stinkin’
Yes, he’s really been stinkin’ up our Land – that boy

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