More Snowy Fun with Dianny

We got snow yesterday evening that is still on the ground today. And more Lake Effect snow is on its way down as I write this. Since I’m not a sledder, a skier, a snowman-maker or a snowball fight kinda gal, I find ways indoors to entertain myself on snowy days.

So, here’s some more snowy fun with Dianny:

So Obama is cobbling together his “Executive Orders” — or as I like to call them “Unconstitutional, Impeachable Offenses” — on Amnesty. Now, though no proof currently exists, I’m beginning to suspect what one of those executive actions will be:

President of Mexico

How many of you have seen the thoroughly disgusting pictures of the over-exposed, famous-for-no-reason Kim Kardashian?

Some publication I’ve never heard of is going to subject us to some nasty pictures of this publicity-hungry tramp. When I saw them, my first thought was, dear heavens! Did they wax her down like a surfboard?!


Yesterday, the always entertaining, somewhat senile Nancy Pelosi proved once again that reality never enters in to the equation. She declared that she had no idea who Jonathan Gruber (architect of Obamacare) was. Despite the fact that her own website touted Gruber’s involvement in the creation of Obamacare. Despite the fact that Nancy herself bragged about him.

To which I commented on the Twitters:

Let’s face it. Should we be surprised that Nancy Pelosi is going to think she can get away with lying so brazenly when there is ample evidence that she is lying?

Like Gruber has said … and said, and said, and said, and said. They believe Americans are stupid.

Speaking of stupid.

As I pointed out in today’s DIANNY RANT, the Republican Leadership has failed to grasp the main idea of last week’s electoral landslide. Despite the very vocal insistence from the American voters, they do not seem to comprehend that we want them to stop the Liberal Democrats, not work with them.

Really, are Boehner and McConnell any less dangerous to this nation than Obama, Reid and Pelosi?

The Munsters

And, finally.

Barack Obama is on record saying that he will not budge from his opposition to the Keystone XL Pipeline. Heaven forbid he actually do something that would be good for us. No. Not a chance. He’ll proceed with his unconstitutional Amnesty which will destroy jobs, cripple our economy, overload our welfare system and further harm the American worker. But he won’t budge on Keystone.

What a prick.

Keystone Veto

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