It’s All the Right Snark’s Second Anniversary! 5

Happy Anniversary All the Right Snark

It’s All the Right Snark’s Second Anniversary! Another year in existence, and so many great posts to celebrate. Each of our contributors wanted to take the time to share with you some of their favorites from this second year at All the Right Snark.

A big thank you to everyone who visits our site. Without you, we would be only entertaining ourselves!

Editor’s note:  I want to thank all the Shop Girls, and especially Dianny for all their hard work, razor wit, and dedication to their art.  It’s really a privilege to host this site for such fine ladies.  Reiuxcat

From Googie

Another year has come and gone and as I look back, I hope you have all enjoyed the wonderful images that the Shoppe Girls have been able to produce. I would like to thank All The Right Snark for giving me a place to come to and post my art and songs.

I would like to thank People’s Cube for letting me post these songs with them also and I would like to thank Pookie’s Toons for so many shares and also iotwreport for their support.

I hope and pray our wonderful country can survive to elect a leader that loves America and to quote Abraham Lincoln, once again become… “…Government of the People, by the People, for the People…”

I hope you will like my picks from this past year and enjoy the songs I have re-written when you click on the image. God bless!


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From Disloyal Subject

Happy Anniversary, ATRS! Well, it’s been another great year for SNARK. The Obummer Administration and RINO Republicans never stop supplying us with inspiration.

The recent events in Paris are especially poignant for those of us exercising our freedom of expression here on a daily basis. The shocking fact that people DIED for doing what we do here at ATRS is surreal, and our hearts go out to the victims and their families.

Here in America, I’m grateful to be living in a country that allows us to be often offensive and frequently tasteless. It does seem as if those freedoms guaranteed by our constitution are constantly being assailed by our own administration. So, with that in mind and in memory of the brave satirists who died in France, I will carry on undaunted and keep posting agitprop while protected by the 1st (and especially the 2nd) Amendments.

Disloyal Subject

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From Dianny

Rush Limbaugh likes to tell us that in the Age of Obama, we are being whip-sawed. There is always so much going on and from all sides, it’s as if we are being bombarded daily.

The plus side to this is nobody here at All the Right Snark is ever at a loss for image ideas, or (in my case) column material.

It is an honor to contribute to this site. Over the last two years, I have seen our readers grow from a tiny core of people in January 2013 when we launched, to a large and ever expanding audience from across the country. Thank you to everyone who joins us here every day.

I went through the DIANNY Image Vault as well as the DIANNY RANTS Archives and selected what are, for me, some of my favorites from this past year.

First, the images (click on the image to link to the original post):

Now, my favorite DIANNY RANTS (Click on title or the image to link to column):


DIANNY RANTS: Forget Hillary

DIANNY RANTS: Say Goodbye To Snack Time

DIANNY RANTS: We Put the D in Dumb

DIANNY RANTS: Fast Times at Obama High

DIANNY RANTS: The Rage of the Left

From PenneeKandee

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From ATRS’s Top Dog Reiuxcat

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From all of us here at All the Right Snark, thank you for making this site worth it every day! We look forward to providing you with even more humor, insight, entertainment, snark and clever agitprop for many years to come!

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5 thoughts on “It’s All the Right Snark’s Second Anniversary!

  1. ImJeffStevens Jan 12,2015 11:14

    Congratulations on your anniversary! MANY happy returns!

  2. Snowball the Sourpuss Jan 12,2015 11:33

    Happy Aniversary, to all of you wonderful people here at ATRS!! Looking forward to another great year of images and rants!

    Keep up the great work!

    Love, Snowball.

  3. Jim Lysaght Jan 12,2015 12:15

    Happy Anniversary! Those images speak to me on so many levels. Thank you all for what you do. Keep rising, Jim

  4. Noah Bawdy Jan 12,2015 19:45

    Happy Anniversary ATRS!
    Noah Bawdy recently posted…Happy Caturday !My Profile

  5. 99th Squad Leader Jan 12,2015 22:24

    Happy 2nd Anniversary and Congratulations. Thank you for being right and edgy.

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