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Hillary Clinton has a new work of fiction coming out. She didn’t write it; somebody else did. But her name is on the cover. The book, Hard Choices, is Hillary’s attempt at rewriting history, portraying herself as different from Obama, and doing the typical “Clinton PR Image Polishing.”

Hard Choices.

That’s a hoot.

What is it about the Clintons and their deep indifference to the truth and their disrespect for the American people?

Hillary, like Obama, does not hesitate to look us in the eye and lie like a two-bit hustler. The fact that a publishing company is actually fronting her millions of dollars to perpetrate lies on the American People is really pretty shameless.

Hard Choices. You know. Like, “Gosh, do I charge only two hundred grand per speech or should I go for a quarter mil?”

Hard Choices. You know. Like, “Do I scream ‘What difference at this point does it make?!’ Or should I point my finger at the camera and say, ‘I did not have anything to do with killing that man, Mr. Stevens’?”

Hard Choices? Was it hard for Hillary to look the parents of Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty in the face and lie about a video maker being responsible?

For Hillary, the choices are pretty easy: do what is best to advance her self-serving career and keep the Liberals’ conquering of America on track.

Because make no mistake about it, Hillary Clinton is all in on this not-so-silent coup. She is absolutely no different from Barack Hussein Obama.

Like Obama, she reveres Alinsky.

Like Obama, her autobiographies are written by someone else and are full of lies.

Like Obama, she portrays herself as a warrior for the people when she is nothing more than an opportunistic hack looking to cash in on her political good fortune.

Like Obama, she has about as much business being President of the United States as I have being the center fielder for the Atlanta Braves.

Hard Choices.

If Hillary were honest, she would have titled this new “soon to be in discount bins, Salvation Army Stores, and garage sales everywhere” book, Lying Through My Teeth.


Lying Through My Teeth

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4 thoughts on “Rewriting History

  1. Karl Jun 9,2014 14:25

    Hillary is not a good person.
    Karl recently posted…Trevor Loudon InterviewMy Profile

  2. william Jun 9,2014 14:27

    That there is some funny stuff, Dianny…LOL….so sad though because it’s so true….I am sickened though because I have friends and family that will still vote for her and refuse to look back at her history, clear back to Arkansas….vote for her, just cuz she’s a woman….8 years of her after Barry and there will be nothing left to save of our founders dream

  3. joe Jun 10,2014 17:28

    Earl of Taint did one of her too that made me crack up badtime. I’m still hurting from laughing at these and Earl’s. What a hypocrite she is.

  4. Dianny Jun 10,2014 18:21

    I LOOOOOVE Earl of Taint!!
    Dianny recently posted…The Bergdahl EditionMy Profile

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