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I looked up Efrem Zimbalist Jr. on Wikipedia.  I am fascinated by the section on the role he played as F.B.I. Agent, Inspector Lewis Erskine.  Here is what it says:  


“…Zimbalist was most widely known for his starring role as Inspector Lewis Erskine in the Quinn Martin television production The F.B.I., which premiered on September 19, 1965 and ended with its final episode on September 8, 1974. Zimbalist was generous in his praise of producer Martin and of his own experience starring in the show. Those who worked with him on the show were equally admiring of the star’s professionalism and likable personality.[11]

Zimbalist maintained a strong personal relationship with J. Edgar Hoover, who requested technical accuracy for the show and that agents be portrayed in the best possible light. Actors who played F.B.I. employees were required by Hoover to undergo a background check.[11] Zimbalist passed his background check with ease. He subsequently spent a week in Washington, D.C.., where he was interviewed by Hoover, and at the F.B.I. Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Hoover and Zimbalist remained mutual admirers for the rest of Hoover’s life.[11] Hoover later held Zimbalist up as an image role model for F.B.I. employees to emulate in their personal appearance.[12]

The Society of Former Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation[13] honored the character of Lewis Erskine in 1985 with a set of retired credentials.[14] On June 8, 2009 FBI Director Robert Mueller presented Zimbalist with aplaque of an honorary special agent for his work on the television series The F.B.I., on which he worked in collaboration with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and his friend J. Edgar Hoover.[14][15] The run of the show on ABC was followed in the 1980s by a revival show, Today’s FBI starring Mike Connors….”

The full link is here.

It is amazing reading about the actor, Efrem Zimbalist Jr., and that he seemed to take  his role representing an F.B.I. agent more seriously than it seems the REAL F.B.I Agents are taking their jobs today.  I wish it didn’t seem so.


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