One Supreme Court Justice Away 2

One Supreme Court Justice Away –

behind enemy lines

I heard the news today, oh boy
About a Supreme man — I’m scared, afraid
And though the news is very sad
Well I will pray on his behalf
I saw his photograph

He was a great man — Superstar
He paid no mind if Lib’rals were outraged
His passing leaves us unprepared
He was U.S. hardcore
Nobody is really sure
If he can be replaced, oh Lord

I said a prayer today, oh boy
That Congress will stand up to Barry’s war
Justice Scalia’s passed away
He is the Storybook
No one overlooked
He showed concern for us

[ our country is going mad ]

Wake up!  Scalia’s dead!
One less man to fight the Reds!
Found our way before — went up then down
And looking up we know the time is late
No turncoats — this is combat!
Stand your ground in seconds flat
Are there men somewhere — freedom invoke!
Somebody jolt — wake us up from this bad dream

Aaahhh!!!  Aaahhh!!!

I heard the news today, oh boy
Scalia’s soul in Heaven, so admired
And all controls are in free fall
And now the time will crawl
Now we know we must have hope
and stand together with back bone
Scalia showed the way…


2 thoughts on “One Supreme Court Justice Away

  1. Salvor Hardin Feb 16,2016 22:08

    sorry I don’t comment more often but I do stop by and read your posts. Keep it going,I really appreciate your efforts.

  2. Googie Feb 18,2016 09:28

    Thank you Salvor Hardin. 🙂 I appreciate it.
    Googie recently posted…Just Say No – It’s As Simple As ThatMy Profile

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