OFA: The Holiday Knock-Out Game 5


The Orwellian douchemeisters at Organizing for Action have sent out an email to all of their Kool-Aid Drinking Drones telling them how to use the family gatherings at Thanksgiving as an opportunity to proselytize their ignorant family members about Obamacare.

Seriously, is nothing safe from these idiots?

So much for respecting an American tradition of giving thanks. Now even the holidays are loaded with landmines of partisan hackery.

If you really want to marvel at the Goebbels-like propaganda of OFA, click the link and see for yourself the lengths they will go to program and prep their army of Obamabots. It is truly pathetic.

If you are one of the unfortunate families who will have your holiday sucker-punched by an OFA drone, I don’t need to give you talking points to combat them. Luckily for us, we sentient humans known as Conservatives can speak for ourselves.

5 thoughts on “OFA: The Holiday Knock-Out Game

  1. joe Nov 26,2013 16:48

    The guy bottom right looks like a photobomb. Happy Thanksgiving, Dianny and staff. You’ve brought us a lot of laughs and thoughtful times.

  2. jacqueline Nov 26,2013 19:25

    Can he not just respect the right of folks to enjoy the holiday and time together without having to think about this shit? Stay out of our Thanksgiving 0bama! (or…how ’bout I come round to your house and tell you why I’m not signing up for 0care?).

  3. Lgbpop Nov 26,2013 21:18

    Oh wow…but CONSERVATIVES are supposed to be those who follow the dictates of their keepers such as Limbaugh and Palin and Coulter? (Score: Women 2, Men 1.) Seems to me, the Liberals and the leftists are the ones taking orders from Obama. (Score: Women 1, Men 0.)

  4. Lgbpop Nov 26,2013 21:19

    BTW, Joe, “the guy in the lower right” was the painter, one Norman Rockwell. He frequently put a cameo of himself into his works.

  5. clayusmcret Nov 27,2013 05:39

    “And that, officer, is why Jennifer got a turkey rammed up her backside.”

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