Obama & The Culture of Low Information Socialism 2

Obama depends on low information socialism.  Everyone under Obama’s socialism wants to be just like their neighbor.  No one wants anyone to be better than they are, because, by golly, I’m already someone.  Afterall, what the government tells us has to be good  for us.

Soon, Obama will eliminate all ribbons, grades, and trophies.  Under Obama’s culture of socialism, we will all be equal participants supporting the new ruling class of Obama’s socialism.


2 thoughts on “Obama & The Culture of Low Information Socialism

  1. Dianny Jan 16,2013 10:17

    Which is exactly why we call them Drones.

    Rugged individualism?! Not on Obama’s watch!

  2. LC Aggie Sith Jan 17,2013 14:49

    And our names will be Gray.

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