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After several tense hours, MaserMedia is back in bidness.

I’d love to tell you about the black helicopters, attempted drone strikes on my little car on the way back from Savannah after a covert mission.  and that Janet crappy nappy Napolitano had issued an immediate kill order….

But alas, twas not to be.  Instead a bill forgot to be paid and the hosting site cut off the power.  so, thank you for your patience and welcome back.



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10 thoughts on “MaserMedia is Back in Business!

  1. Dianny Feb 7,2013 14:53

    Um. Then, what exactly is Big Sis doing on my front porch?!
    Dianny recently posted…DIANNY RANTS: GOP You Better Get Your Act TogetherMy Profile

  2. Dan Ryan Galt Feb 7,2013 18:55

    Welcome back! Give em heck!

  3. Buffoon Feb 7,2013 19:46

    So are you going to wash those underwear or just throw them out?
    Buffoon recently posted…Michelle Malkin Scolds Juan Williams about Comrade Obama’s Lies About ObamaCareMy Profile

  4. Reiuxcat Feb 7,2013 19:51

    @Dianny The Tango?
    Reiuxcat recently posted…MaserMedia is Back in Business!My Profile

  5. Reiuxcat Feb 7,2013 19:53

    Hey look what the cat drug in.

    So you want this pair too when we’re done?
    Reiuxcat recently posted…MaserMedia is Back in Business!My Profile

  6. Doc Feb 7,2013 20:56

    Congrats! I didn’t think they would except you EBT card as payment for server time.

  7. jclady Feb 7,2013 21:16

    AHA — You were in Savannah. And it wasn’t even St. Patrick’s Day.

    There ya go!

  8. Sicktoy Feb 9,2013 16:01

    Well look at you Reiuxcat! Gone and gotcha your own place!

  9. Betty Butter Feb 10,2013 11:41

    Congratulations, Reiuxcat. You fixed up this place real nice.

  10. Reiuxcat Feb 10,2013 21:08

    Thanks y’all, ooo, I love Butter.
    Reiuxcat recently posted…Don’t bet him. Obama is walleyedMy Profile

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