Leading Lady

Leading Lady


I have to put my heart and soul in my lyin’
To keep “unwashed” from my door
But now I’m a leader
And have to lie then some more

I’ve toyed with many men
They ask me no questions
I’ve kissed the worst and the worst
But, now I’m a leader — hide that my pedigree’s fake

I can’t tell there’s been many a boyfriend
That knew me when
‘Cause to say, there’s been guys in my past now
Goes against my pitchmen

Oh, I get to play a round without any conscience
Keep you broke with theft, alright
But now I’m a leader
I’m just like that Kryptonite!


I’m a hoe!  That’s me, I’m goin’ places!
The wife is sans
I’m a hoe!  Puttin’ YOU through the paces
I’m not a man

By leaps and bounds I hit the top of the ladder
It was a George Soros climb
But, now I’m a leader
Look up, it’s worship me time


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