I’ve Been Having Fun Lately 2

I don’t know. Maybe it’s the coming holiday season. But I’ve been having fun lately.

Here are some more images I’ve posted on my Facebook page this week.

Josh Earnest told Jorge Ramos of Fusion TV that the President was looking forward to taking “Executive Action” on Amnesty. On Planet Earth, we don’t so much call it “Executive Action” as “Defying the Constitution,” but let’s not pick nits.

Screw America with Jorge Ramos

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the parents of the Lumbering Thug (the criminal formally known as the Gentle Giant) went to Geneva, Switzerland this week to ask the United Nations to do something about Officer Darren Wilson’s shooting of their son. Their claim? Why that the Lumbering Thug was tortured. Personally, I think of the two of them, Officer Wilson has a better case for torture given the fact that their precious little darling beat the bejesus out of him. But, what do you expect? These are the same people who shopped the autopsy around until they could find a pathologist who would give them a result that fit with their fictitious narrative that the Lumbering Thug was “assassinated.”

If the UN won’t help them, where will they go next?

On a side note: when did Brooks Brothers start making Michael Brown neckties? [Actually, my friend Cruisin’ Cat suggested it was made, not by Brooks Brothers, but by Crooks Brothers]

Browns at UN

So, the “architect of Obamacare,” Jonathan Gruber went on Ronan Farrow’s program on MSNBC in order to explain away his repeated claims that the American People are stupid and that’s how they succeeded in getting Obamacare passed. Well, he explained it to the sixteen people watching anyway.

Gruber and Ronan

Now, this last image is my favorite! I was mighty proud of this one. Mostly because the 1961 movie “The Parent Trap” was a childhood favorite of mine. The downside is, I’ve been singing “Let’s Get Together” all morning now.

Any old how. We Conservatives cannot stop sounding the alarm to the Republican Leadership that we did not give them a landslide so that they could work with Obama, but to stop Obama. We cannot let up on these idiots because they are completely gullible and will fall for the Liberal Trap every single stinking time.

The Liberal Trap

We here in Central New York are getting snow this week.

I am not ready.


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  1. william Nov 13,2014 19:05

    That’s good!….I’m glad the holiday spirit makes you kind of wicked…in a good way…

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