House of Cards 2

It stands to reason that Barack Obama really doesn’t give a damn about the debt.

Sure, he did when George W. Bush was President and the debt stood at about nine trillion dollars. Remember? He said it was unpatriotic to saddle the American People with that kind of obscene debt.

But today? With the National Debt exceeding 18 trillion dollars, Obama has shown about as much interest in doing something to bring that down as he has an interest in stopping Islamic terrorism.

If nine trillion is unpatriotic and obscene, what’s twice that?

Obama’s new budget is just one more in a long line of tax and spend boondoggles hatched from the magical thinking that if the government takes money out of the pockets of the people and then spends it to enlarge government it will somehow miraculously result in people having money in their pockets.

A four trillion dollar budget?!

Obama doesn’t want to limit government. He doesn’t want to curtail government spending.

Obama remains convinced that Government knows best how you should spend your money, and how much money you are permitted to keep from your own hard work.

The problem is, all this spending, all this confiscating individual’s money is creating a teetering house of cards.

This house of cards is built on a foundation of envy. We have a Chief Executive more concerned with taking from people he doesn’t think should have money, laundering it through government and then, divvying it out piecemeal to those he favors. But only after that influx of money can help expand the Leviathan known as the Federal Government.

And when that house of cards collapses in on itself, we won’t be facing a 10-day long government shutdown. The whole system will come tumbling down.

It’s time the Republicans in Congress stand fast on their Constitutional power of the purse and put an end to this before Obama puts an end to our nation and our nation’s economy.


House of Cards

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  2. MM Feb 3,2015 06:08

    “It’s time….”??

    It was “time” in 2000 when Rs had the whole shebang to start rolling back this REgressive nightmare. We might, and that’s a pretty iffy might, get another-and final I daresay-chance in 2016 and I will bet you a donut that RINOs like Ryan, Boehner, Hatch and McConnell keep the debt train a running’

    If you haven’t been putting away some lead and silver, you better start.

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