Filled Up Prison Blues

Filled Up Prison Blues –

Donna Brazile’s a’comin’
She brought me to an end
I’m stuck in Filled Up Prison
With – the rest of them
I’m stuck in Filled Up Prison
And I keep RAGIN’ on —
But Don-na Bra-zile’s trollin’
My sins I must atone

There is no ifs or maybes
The ‘pay up’ time has come
— Time ran out to play coy
I’ll never have no fun
But I ran off all those Bimbos
Thought I WAS so sly
Cigar Billy kept on sowin’
He’s just a big pigsty

[ and Bill and I are finally sharing a cot ]

I was a rich folk cheatin’
Was a Lib’ral Super Star
I always upped the ante
And won what wasn’t ours
Well I know I had it comin’
I guess I’ll cop a plea —
But old Donna’s dis-a-pprovin’
So this is war, you see

[ better watch your back Donna ]

Well I’m a GREEDY, wicked woman
I’m that inhumane bovine
I was the biggest con a little like a Serpentine
— I’m in Filled Up Prison
That’s where I now will pay
And if Donna blabs and truth spills
This is where I’ll stay —


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