Dianny’s salute to the Olympics 5

Here is Dianny’s salute to the Olympics.

And, just because…

Ice Dancing

5 thoughts on “Dianny’s salute to the Olympics

  1. Googie Feb 8,2014 13:16

    Everybody makes Obama look small.

  2. LadyGun12 Feb 8,2014 17:16

    I think you get more creative when you’re snowbound. LOL!

  3. Dianny Feb 8,2014 17:28

    Hahaha! Yes. This is my alternative to cabin fever!

  4. cato Feb 8,2014 18:48

    Cute couple.

    Puddin’ and Putin.

  5. F.D.R. in Hell Feb 10,2014 11:27

    Hitler didn’t dance with me at the ’36 Summer Olympics in Berlin.
    Of course, I couldn’t dance.

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