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Have you heard who is going represent the United States of America at the funeral of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia?


Uncle Joe Biden.

Yeah. This will not end well.

Hey, I suppose it could be worse.

John Kerry could have been the one to go. He probably would have taken Reba McEntire along with him to sing “That’s the Night that the Lights Went Out in Riyadh.”

But Joe Biden?

Dear heavenly days! Talk about a living, breathing pratfall.

Creepy Joe has never heard the word “appropriate” in his entire life.

I about fell over laughing when I read this tweet from the King of the Twitters Iowahawk:

Sending Joe Biden to attend a funeral in Saudi Arabia is a Saturday Night Live sketch that will practically write itself.

Back when Pope Francis was installed, Obama sent Biden (along with Nancy Pelosi) to represent the US. I pointed out in a column that can now be found in Volume One of RANT:

In his ongoing effort to make a mockery of all things Christian, Barack Hussein Obama is sending Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi as the official Obama Administration delegation to Pope Francis I Inaugural Mass on Tuesday.

I know. Right?

How long do you suppose Pelosi can stand inside the Sistine Chapel before she bursts into flames and turns to dust?

I’m taking bets on that, as well as the number of minutes before Joe Biden makes some completely inappropriate sexual remark to one of the Sisters of Charity.

Creepy Joe wouldn’t be my first choice to attend, but that’s me. I think things like Decorum and Solemnity are fitting at a funeral.

Joe thinks Decorum and Solemnity are names of strippers.

But honestly, who’s surprised?

Given the fact that minutes after commenting on the beheading of an American citizen in front of the world, Barack Obama hurried back onto the golf course where he was photographed yukking it up with his golfing pals, solemnity and decorum aren’t exactly high on the White House’s list of priorities.

And don’t get me started on Obama appearing on a YouTube channel with a woman wearing green lipstick.

The entire Obama Administration is chock-full of bad-mannered jackasses who seem to think being inappropriate is a new civil right.

Who can forget this über-creepy moment from a few weeks ago when Biden was swearing in the US Senate?

(picture from Washington Post)

And they’re going to send this guy to a Muslim Country that stones women for showing bare arms or even speaking to a man to whom she isn’t related?

This will not end well.

This Will End Well

I certainly hope he has enough sense not to tell these burka-clad women how much he prefers softer balls.

Joe Biden makes Billy Carter and Roger Clinton look as suave as James Bond.

“Cringeworthy” was invented just so that the English language would have a word suitable for Joe Biden.

I realize it is customary to send the Vice President to attend funerals. It happens so often, I even paged through the Constitution to see if it was included there.

But Joe Biden?

This will not end well.

On the “glass half full” side. Now Comedy Central has a reason to air the funeral.


Whelp. Apparently the White House doesn’t want to provide endless Photoshop opportunities for us conservative ‘shoppers. Obama and the Missus will be heading to Saudi Arabia and have decided to keep Creepy Joe at home.

Shame that. Biden in Saudi Arabia would have been more entertaining than watching reruns of Hee Haw.


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  1. LadyGun12 Jan 24,2015 13:30

    Saudi Arabia can keep Obozo and Mooch.

  2. whubba Jan 28,2015 19:28

    They don’t want them either.

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