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You know, when I said that the Democrats were going full-on Fatal Attraction, I had no idea how right I was.

According to the New York Post, New York Democrats are letting their voters know that they’ll be checking to make sure Democrats turn out at the polls.

It’s the Vote or Else strategy.

Why do the carrot and stick when threatening is so much more effective?


This is New York State, you guys. Where the number of registered Democrat far outweigh those of us who reside on Planet Earth.

This is New York State. Where the number of people on public assistance outnumber the people who pay the taxes to fund public assistance.

This is New York State. We’re so blue, any minute now, we’re going to suffer permanent brain damage.

And the New York State Democrat Party needs to resort to the Vote or Else method of drumming up electoral victory?

That’s not a good sign.

From the Post:

The New York State Democratic Committee is bullying people into voting next week with intimidating letters warning that it can easily find out which slackers fail to cast a ballot next Tuesday.

“Who you vote for is your secret. But whether or not you vote is public record,” the letter says.

“We will be reviewing voting records . . . to determine whether you joined your neighbors who voted in 2014.”

It ends with a line better suited to a mob movie than a major political party: “If you do not vote this year, we will be interested to hear why not.”

They will not be ignored, Dan!

Talk about desperate.

According to the Post, New York Democrats claim that, unlike Republicans who allegedly “suppress the vote,” Democrats want everyone to vote.

Apparently, they failed to add the “whether they want to or not” portion of that sentence.

Coercion is pretty much a Democrat mainstay.

One of my favorite Facebook memes is, “The Democrat Party. Policies so great, they’re mandatory.”

You can’t be trusted to purchase your own health insurance, so we’ll force you to do it.

You can’t be trusted to feed your children healthy school lunches, so we’ll force you to do it.

You can’t be trusted to go to the polls on Tuesday to vote for more coercion, so we’ll force you to do it.

What I find fascinating about this Midterm cycle is how quickly the “We Care” Liberal Democrat façade is being stripped away.

They’ve gone full out belligerent and mean.

Now, understand. This is how Democrats have always been. They’ve just been so very careful to hide it in the past.

But with a coming tidal wave of defeat bearing down on them this Tuesday, Democrats are giving us more than a peek into who they really are.

They’ve been laid bare.

They are bullies.

They are vindictive.

They’re out and out insulting their base.

They are actively advocating fraudulent votes.

The Democrat Party is usually dangerous, but a Democrat Party whose entrenched power is being threatened becomes downright psychotic.

But, hate to say it, I’m not surprised.

This is the direction the Democrat Party has been heading in for years.

When you take your marching orders from a Community Organizer who wants “folks” to “get in their faces,” these sorts of coercive GOTV methods really aren’t that surprising.

You have Michelle Obama telling Democrat voters that they can’t sleep in and be lazy on election day. The clear implication is, Democrats believe their voters are lazy.

You have Mary Landrieu demanding people vote for her by calling them racists and anti-woman. The clear implication is, Democrats believe their voters are racists and misogynists.

And you have the New York State Democrat Party sending out a Vote or Else flyer. The clear implication is, Democrats know they’ve screwed over their base so royally that the only way to get the base to vote this time around is to threaten them.

None of this surprises me.

The Democrat Party thinks very little of its voters. That’s always been the case.

And, really? Why should they have a high opinion of them?

These are the people who vote Democrat. That alone doesn’t exactly show good judgment.

Nobody likes Obamacare.

Nobody wants illegal aliens flooding the country.

Nobody is happy with the economic situation.

And let’s face it.

The whole “War on Women” thing blew apart in their faces.

What else do Democrats have to campaign on?

Vote or else seems like the ideal last straw for a party that is self-destructing. What do they have to lose?

When you cannot run on your record, you cannot tout any successes, you cannot point to a growing economy or a safer, more secure nation, and you are saddled with a highly unpopular President, what else can you possibly do?

Vote or else.

Hopefully, it’s the last-ditch effort of a doomed party.

But, they still have a few days left before Tuesday. If I were a Democrat voter, I’d lock up my pets. You don’t want to come home Monday night only to discover your pet rabbit boiling on the stove.

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  2. Anne Rose Nov 2,2014 08:39

    It’s not just in NY. This just happened to my family and neighbors in Illinois. I’ve sent complaints to our state election board, attorney general, and state politicians, but I have no faith that anything will be done to stop such mailings in the future. After all, I live in Crook County (Cook County) and the land of Chicago-style politics. Cowards!

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