DIANNY RANTS: Stunted Rodent Calls the Benghazi Hearing a Stunt

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Remember back in 2012 when Nancy Pelosi put on a fake Congressional Hearing in order to feature the Liberal Democrats’ newest darling Sandra Fluke?

They set the stage to make it look like an actual Congressional Hearing. The Enslaved Press filmed it as if it were an actual Congressional Hearing.

But it wasn’t a Congressional Hearing.

It was a publicity stunt to help perpetrate this meme that the Republicans are waging a war on women by opposing the free contraceptive mandate in Obamacare.

Now, the back story on the fake Congressional Hearing Stunt is this.

Congress was hearing from religious leaders, religious organizations and the like who were objecting to the HHS mandate that would force them to pay for health insurance policies that included the full coverage of abortion drugs and contraception. They would have no choice. They had to pay for these items. Period.

Even if they objected on religious grounds.

These religious leaders went before Congress to object to this mandate because it infringed on their First Amendment right to religious liberty.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats wanted to be able to feature someone who could “tell the other story” — the story of a woman who was experiencing the grave hardship of paying for her own contraception because the Catholic college she attended did not include contraception coverage in their health insurance because it violated their Catholic beliefs.

Oh, dear! Oh, noes!! Oh, boo hoooooo!

What a horrible tragedy to be stuck paying nine bucks a month for contraceptive pills because of those meanie meanie jelly beanie anti-women haters!!

But the Republicans called this hearing to discuss the infringement of religious liberty that was inherent in this mandate. And some thirty-something college coed was not having her religious liberty infringed upon by HHS. So, why, in a hearing to discuss the infringement of religious liberty by HHS, would they include some thirty-something gal who was miffed that she had to pay nine dollars a month for a prescription for the pill?

So Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat women “staged” a fake “hearing” in order to put their new little darling Sandra Fluke before television cameras.

This, my friends is a stunt.

And now, this stunted rodent calls the Benghazi Hearing a stunt.

Rodent Pelosi

Pelosi and her army of political locusts have made the claim that this Select Committee called to investigate the cover-up of the Benghazi attack is nothing but a “circus” and a political stunt to improve the Republicans’ chances of retaining the House and regaining the Senate.

Liberals suffer from the psychological disorder known as “projection.” They always accuse others of doing the very things they are guilty of.

For example, for the last few days, Congressional Democrats have been complaining that Speaker Boehner is not responding to their requests that this Select Committee be “bipartisan” and not just a “witch hunt,” and the poor Democrats are angry because they feel as if the Republican attitude is “my way or the highway.”

You know, like when Republicans begged to be involved in the healthcare meetings prior to Obamacare being forced down our throats, and the Democrats wouldn’t even let them attend.


They can’t help it. They always assign to their opposition the very underhanded, dirty dealing they do themselves.

Let’s not forget how the Democrats created a great big stink over Abu Ghraib. How they howled and screamed over Abu Ghraib. You would think that Americans were brutally killed while President Bush rested up for a fundraiser, then, in the aftermath, the Bush White House scrambled to cover it up the way these Democrats carried on.

No Americans died at Abu Ghraib.

The Bush Administration did not cover-up the idiotic behavior of the prison guards at Abu Ghraib.

The Army openly investigated the abuses at Abu Ghraib. Nobody covered it up. Nobody blamed it on some right-wing videographer who made a movie about the joys of abusing prisoners.

But the Democrats used Abu Ghraib as a political bludgeon to advance their anti-war creds and sway voters to them by running against the sitting President. They capitalized on Abu Ghraib. They raised money off of Abu Ghraib.

The Republicans in Congress are responding to the will of the people to get to the bottom of this Benghazi cover-up orchestrated by the White House. We want to know what happened, where the President was, why they targeted and arrested a man who had nothing to do with this attack, who specifically ordered that nothing be done to increase security prior to the attack, and, of course, who ordered that nothing be done to rescue the men under attack.

We want answers.

And the Democrats just keep projecting their own devious, underhanded tactics on others.

They simply cannot help themselves.

The Grizzled Rodent Pelosi and her mischief of Liberal rats are taking their tactics straight out of the Obama Demagoguery Handbook.

Back in 2013, when the Senate attempted to use the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School as a means to force through more restrictions on the Second Amendment, they were stopped by principled conservative Senators.

Obama, surrounded by Gabby Giffords and a group of Newtown parents, staged a press conference to get on his high horse and bitch about the conservative Senators’ “stunt.”

From my book RANT: Politics & Snark in the Age of Obama

“Some folks in Washington are already floating the idea that they may use political stunts to prevent votes on any of these reforms.” [Barack Obama at Connecticut Anti-Gun Stunt]

Boy, those dastardly Conservatives in the Senate who have the unmitigated gall to use Senate procedures to do what Senators are supposed to do! How dare they?!!

Don’t they know that the only person who is allowed to use “stunts” is Barack Hussein Obama?!

If there were ever a temporary politician who knows a “stunt” when he sees it, it’s Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama never met a stunt he didn’t like.

Speaking of Obama and stunts…

Guess who hitched a ride from Connecticut to DC along with Barack Hussein Obama aboard Air Force One.

Why, the families of the victims of Sandy Hook, of course!

Why? So they can be used by Obama as political props in another “stunt” to try and pull at the heartstrings of the American People, and run roughshod over the Constitution.

So, now Barack Hussein Obama uses taxpayer funds to fly Sandy Hook victims’ families to Washington to beg Congress to ignore the Second Amendment and violate the rights of law abiding citizens.

Talk about a political stunt, and at taxpayer expense to boot!

Earth to Obama, the Senate isn’t there to ignore the will of the People and push through your radical agenda.

We the People believe in upholding and defending the Second Amendment, not to mention the entire US Constitution. These Conservatives in the Senate are seeing to it that our voices are being heard in Washington. These Conservatives in the Senate are doing what we have been begging them to do – standing up to the Man Who Would be Dictator.

But to Barack Hussein Obama it is a “stunt” to make sure that the will of We the People is heard.

Who the hell do We the People think we are demanding that we have a voice in the US Congress?!

Who do we think we are standing in the way of this tyrannical, arrogant jerk’s “transformational” agenda?!

And who the hell do those Conservative Senators think they are defending the US Constitution?!

Why, you would think they took an oath to defend the Constitution the way they’re acting.

This President is like an opportunistic infection, a parasite who is feeding off of We the People, committing political rape by forcing on an unwilling electorate his socialist agenda.

So while the US Taxpayers foot the bill for the families of Sandy Hook victims to fly to DC on Air Force One to perform like trained seals in another Obama “stunt,” Conservatives in the US Senate choose, rather, to ignore Obama’s contemptible using of victims, and instead choose to stand up for We the People – to stand up for our Constitution.

The truth is, there is a majority in this country who want to know what happened in the White House during and after the Benghazi Consulate attack.

This President and his staff lied about the attack. They lied about the cause of the attack. They imprisoned a nobody filmmaker who had nothing to do with this attack. They orchestrated an intricate cover-up to shield Obama from any culpability and to hide from the public just what their Commander-in-Chief was doing on that night. They deliberately deceived and stonewalled to prevent the truth from coming out.

This is a serious, egregious abuse of power and the public trust.

Furthermore, it is the obligation of the US Congress, as the representatives of the People, to pursue this investigation. We have in our Constitutional Republic, a system of checks and balances in place to make sure that no single part of our government abuses its power or authority. Congress must investigate any alleged crimes or misdemeanors committed by the Executive Branch.

There is not a single thing that Congressional Republicans are doing with regard to this Select Committee that is not their right, or more importantly their responsibility to do.

For the rodent Pelosi, the authority and role of Congress means nothing. She has abdicated any Constitutional role. She has abdicated her oath of office.

All that matters to this wretched cretin is that Obama, and more importantly, Liberalism be protected.

For the rodent Pelosi and her army of rats in the Democrat Party, the advancement of Liberalism must continue unfettered — even if the only way to advance it is to lie and cheat, cover-up its failures, or even violate the law.

Diann Russell is the author of RANT: Politics & Snark in the Age of Obama, as well as two novels, Sliding Home Feet First and Under the Cloud. She is a political dissident residing in The People’s Republic of New York.

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