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Rule number one.

You do not, under any circumstances, give away the secret recipe.

Just ask Colonel Sanders.

Success hinges on being able to keep the secret recipe secret.

Why would anybody choose your brand if everyone knew exactly what makes your brand unique?

Call it proprietary ingredients, data, design. You name it. Whether you’re a car company, a cosmetics company, a pharmaceutical company, or KFC, you have something about your product that is proprietary. Nobody else has it. Nobody else will.

It is your secret recipe that makes you or your product unique.

Back in 2003, I was signed to a temporary contract with ABC Daytime to write a spec script for “One Life to Live.” You should have seen that contract. I felt as if I was signing on with the CIA. I had to agree, under threat of severe consequences, not to divulge the plots of upcoming, yet to be filmed episodes of the soap. Soap Operas guard their storylines the way Boeing guards their designs.

For about six months, I received emails that included the plot summaries of episodes that I was to read in preparation for writing a script. For a wee, fleeting moment, I wondered what it would be worth to someone to know what was going to happen to Mitch Lawrence or Natalie Buchanan three months in the future.

But I honored my contract and kept those secrets a secret. After all, they asked me to, and they were paying me.

And not as much as Jonathan Gruber was paid by the White House, I can tell you that.

If I could keep ABC Daytime’s secrets about “One Life to Live,” why couldn’t Jonathan Gruber keep the secrets of the Democrat Party?

And not just any secret. Jonathan Gruber couldn’t keep his mouth shut about the secret.

Jonathan Gruber revealed the Democrat Party’s secret recipe.

This goes beyond Obamacare. It wasn’t just the secret recipe to the success of passing Obamacare. This secret recipe is at the very heart of the Democrat Party’s electoral success.

The Democrat Party secret recipe is “target the stupid and uninformed by lying through your teeth to them.”

Nobody within the Democrat Party is ever supposed to divulge this.

As Rush Limbaugh always says, the low-information voters do not realize they are low-information voters.

The last thing the Democrats want is the stupid discovering they’ve been hoodwinked by people who targeted them for no other reason than they are stupid, and therefore will believe any outlandish lie the Democrats peddle.

Democrats never, and I mean never run on what they intend to do.

In a word, they lie.

They are like the pedophile who applies for a job at a Daycare Center. The pedophile isn’t going to sit down in his interview and explain that he needs this job in order to find a child to target, groom and then abuse. They’d never hire him.

So he lies. He sells himself as the polar opposite of what he is. He’s become an expert at appearing normal. He comes off as great with kids; he really cares about kids. The Daycare Center hires him based on his lies and then the real pedophile emerges — much to everyone’s horror.

By then, the damage is done and it’s far too late.

Democrats cannot run for office explaining what they want to do, what they think of you, how they want to target you, groom you and ruin your life. You’d never let them any closer to the levers of power than you would let a pedophile near a child.

So Democrats lie.

They get elected, do the polar opposite of what they claimed they’d do, but by then it’s too late. The damage is done.

People who reside here on Planet Earth possess common sense — a rare attribute among Democrats. So, we know Democrats lie.

But the stupid and uninformed do not.

When a Democrat says “Vote for me because the Democrat Party is the party that supports women,” he is relying on the fact that the stupid and uninformed do not know that the Republican Party was the party that advanced the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution and fought for women’s suffrage right alongside their fight for the abolition of slavery and the Civil Rights Amendments.

Let’s face it. The stupid and uninformed do not know what the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution says. Nor do they have any idea what Amendments are the Civil Rights Amendments. So, naturally, knowing that the Democrat Party strongly opposed those Amendments isn’t going to be something they know.

So, when a Democrat tells them, “Vote for me because the Democrat Party is the party that supports women,” the stupid and uninformed just say, “Oh. Okay!”

They have no idea that by “the party that supports women,” Democrats mean, “the party that supports abortion on demand.” Because the secret recipe is, run on one thing, but mean another. Lie, lie and lie again.

You see. Democrats don’t just lie; they lie big. Good heavens, these are the people that want Bill “The Rapist” Clinton to campaign for them while they lie to the uninformed and stupid about supporting women. They lie in the face of so much overwhelming evidence they’re lying, that anyone with even a shred of a conscience would be sick to death to lie that way.

Fortunately for Democrats, they are not burdened with even a shred of conscience.

Democrats know they can get away with lying big because they deliberately target the uninformed and stupid. They know there are people who know nothing even remotely in the neighborhood of the truth or facts. So, all they need to do is lie, lie, lie and those people will simply believe them.

What Democrats cannot have is some arrogant Liberal like Jonathan Gruber pulling back the curtain and revealing to the uninformed and stupid that they are specifically targeted because they’re uninformed and stupid.

Gruber didn’t give us a peek. He didn’t show a little leg.

He out and out explained, quite smugly I might add, the entire machinations of the Democrat Party’s strategy for success.

He revealed the secret recipe.

And the fallout is going to reverberate through the entire Democrat Party platform.

Honestly, who’s going to believe any assurances Obama or Democrats in Congress prattle off regarding Amnesty, Net Neutrality, Global Warming or Climate Change or whatever the hell the myth is now called?

Now that the secret recipe of every successful Democrat con is out there for all the world to see, it kind of spoils things.

Why do you think the Democrats are running away from Gruber as fast as their little legs can carry them?

And how are they distancing themselves from Gruber?

By lying!

What else?!

You’ve got Nancy Pelosi pretending she has no idea who he is. Despite the fact that she couldn’t stop bragging about him back when they were trying to shove this law down our throats.

You’ve got Obama in Brisbane, Australia claiming that Gruber had nothing to do with the creation of Obamacare. Despite the fact that Obama bragged about stealing liberally from Gruber in creating Obamacare. Despite the fact that they paid him to help them create Obamacare. Despite the fact that Gruber attended meetings in the White House a dozen times.

Obama in Australia

The problem is, they’re trying to continue using their secret recipe to minimize the damage done when their secret recipe was revealed.

And that just will not end well.

But don’t feel too bad for Democrats.

There are still people out there who are woefully uninformed and blindingly stupid.

And the uninformed and stupid will continue to believe in the big fat lie. They will continue to believe in the “Change We Can Believe In.” Despite the fact that it wasn’t “Change” at all.

It was business as usual.

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