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Scratch New York City off your “To Visit” List
Unless you are a cast member with some extreme risk-takers show on Spike TV, I’m going to suggest you find somewhere else to vacation other than the Big Apple for the next five to ten years.

I’m not certain how many years of a socialist Mayor it will take to get to the crime-infested center of a dying city, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say not many. If I’m not mistaken, all of the amazing transformations accomplished by Rudy Giuliani are about to erased from the cityscape as completely as the Twin Towers were on September 11, 2001.

Remember back when we thought it would be insane to elect Anthony Weiner Mayor of New York?

Who knew he would have been a better choice? Even with his Muslim Brotherhood bride and penchant for flashing his brains on Twitter.

Yesterday at the grocery store, the cashier and I were talking about the absolutely frigid weather here in Syracuse, that we typically do not see until January. I mentioned to her that 20 years ago I lived in Chicago where the temperature would drop to 20 below with a 50 below wind chill.

She said, “That’s one place I want to visit. Chicago? I’ve always wanted to go there.”

I joked that it was too bad she could visit there via a time machine.

I lived in Chicago for almost ten years. And I wouldn’t visit now even if you loaded me up with several semi-automatic rifles, a survival knife, a Kevlar vest and helmet, and some C4.

I wouldn’t visit Chicago with Valerie Jarrett’s Secret Service detail flanking me.

I wouldn’t visit Chicago if Mitch Rapp suddenly became real and invited me to spend the weekend with him on the Mag Mile.

I wouldn’t visit Chicago any more than I would visit Detroit or Tehran.

And soon, I think it is safe to say, that New York City will join the other Socialist/Democrat-run metropolises here in the US as the last place on earth anyone would willingly go.

Take a minute or two to read this excellent post by a retired NYPD Narcotics Lieutenant, William F. Dement, in American Thinker.

Once you do, I am sure you will decide to forgo that New Year’s Eve trip to Manhattan and instead, simulate the magic of Times Square by placing your television in the window, bundling your family up and standing on your snow-covered driveway watching the ball drop. If you need to make it more realistic, you can always invite all your neighbors to stand way too close to you and scream drunkenly while they push and shove you to the ground.

Ultimately, it will still be safer than Manhattan.

How Many People Could Have Gotten Insurance with that Dough?
Healthcare.gov, the Edsel of the internet cost the American Taxpayers nearly one billion dollars (and counting).

Anybody else wondering how many uninsured-who-wanted-to-be-insured people out there could now have affordable health insurance policies if the government had taken that one billion dollars and directly subsidized them?

I’m probably beating the already dead horse, but how much further evidence do you need that this has never been about ensuring that every American who wants health insurance can afford to get it?

If it were, we wouldn’t have five million Americans newly without insurance (and more to come in 2014).

If it were, they would have made “reforms” that actually made insurance policies cheaper — like permitting people to purchase insurance across state lines, deregulating the health insurance industry so that the customer and the insurance company could determine what would be covered (rather than the state and federal governments mandating what needs to be covered).

I have to chuckle at the die-hard devotees to Obama who counter with “Well, what’s YOUR plan?!”

First, before we offer an alternative “plan” I want those Obama drones to prove to me that there really is some systemic problem in this country, I mean before the implementation of Obamacare, that people who wanted health insurance couldn’t get it, or that people without health insurance couldn’t afford to get sick.

The last time I had health insurance was when I was in graduate school in the late nineties. However, in the last ten years I have had two surgeries — one to remove my gall bladder and one to repair the incisional hernia that developed from the removal of my gall bladder. I worked directly with the doctors and the hospitals and applied for a sliding scale rate which brought the costs of these procedures down significantly. In one case, I only had to pay the surgeon and anesthesiologist’s fees — the hospital waived all costs. I was able to set up a payment plan that was as little as $50.00 per month (with no interest charges), though I always paid more than the minimum.

What if that billion dollars were paid into an “uninsured assistance program” which further helped doctors and hospitals reduce the costs of procedures the way they did for me?

Nobody in this country is barred from quality health care. Nobody.

For those who are really, genuinely in financial need, there is Medicaid.

For those, like me, who fall through the cracks or do not want to be on a taxpayer-funded program, there are ways to arrange financial assistance directly with the hospitals and doctors.

So, why did we do this?

Why did we turn the entire nation on its head, destroy the private health insurance market and drive doctors and hospitals out of business?


I’m sure the faithful Liberal drones will never believe this. They would much rather believe that America is some sort of Max Max-like barren wasteland where doctors and hospitals are cruel, money-hungry bastards who want to screw us all over.

They’ve been taught to hate this country. They’ve been taught to believe it is unfair and “downright mean.” And they are unwilling, even unable, to see this country any other way.

Here’s the bottom line. The drones in this country do not believe that they should ever have to pay for their healthcare.

Sure, they have no problem buying a Prius or the latest Apple gadgets, or spending way too much for a bowl of soup at Panera Bread, but they do not want to be financially responsible for their own health.

For the drones who demand to hear our “plan,” the truth is no “plan” will be acceptable to them unless it includes a provision stating that they never have to pay anything for the services rendered to them by health professionals.

The drones will always believe that the government should pay for their healthcare by taking that money from the meanie, meanie, jelly-beanie selfish people who have health insurance. They’ve been taught over time to believe the purpose of government is to make life “fair.”

And for them, it isn’t “fair” that they have to pay for their own healthcare.

But the truth is, the only thing the Federal Government excels at is wasting taxpayer money.

Healthcare.gov is proof of that. That one billion dollars, put back into the private sector would have done far more to help those who struggle with medical bills than it is doing being sunk into a useless, pointless website.

Mark Levin is right, Obamacare was part of a coup. As I have said before, we are being conquered from within. Obamacare is the weapon they are using to mow this Constitutional Republic to the ground.

Speak out against Obamacare, and expect an audit
You may have already heard about Bill Elliott, a cancer patient who lost his insurance because of Obamacare. After appearing on The Kelly File on Fox News to discuss what happened, Elliott is now being audited by the IRS. And not only him, the Tea Party Obamacare expert, C. Steven Tucker, who managed to help Elliott regain his old insurance policy, is also being audited by the IRS.

Click this link to read about it and hear an interview with Tuck.

What’s interesting is the same week this happens, a handwritten letter from Barack Obama to an elementary school teacher in Irving, Texas was released to the press.

The school teacher in question had written Obama dismayed over the failure of Obamacare. He asked the President to support a new law that Americans could get behind. He expressed his concern over writing to the President because of the White House’s retribution to those who oppose Obama.

In his letter back to the teacher, in his own hand, Obama wrote the following:

I received your letter, and appreciate your concern about the toxic political environment right now. I do have to challenge you, though, on the notion that any citizen that disagrees with me has been “targeted and ridiculed” or that I have “made fun” of tea-baggers.

Let’s put aside Barack Obama’s use of the vile pejorative “tea-bagger” for a moment. We all know the guy is a hateful prick, so we really shouldn’t be surprised he would use that word.

I’m sure Bill Elliott and C. Steven Tucker, would respectfully disagree with your claim that you do not target people, Mr. President.

Tucker recently released a DVD called “The Truth About Obamacare.” And like so many people who speak the truth in the Age of Obama, Tucker is now a target of retribution.

Truth is the new “hate” speech.

Truth is the one thing that the Statist must stamp out.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

Liberalism cannot govern from the consent of the governed. Liberals have to rule by force. Liberalism, as an ideology, is in the minority in this nation. The only way they come to power is by lying, and the only way they maintain power is by targeting and silencing those who speak the truth. Even if the person they target has cancer.

I don’t know about you, but the vile pettiness and underhanded tactics of this President only make me more determined not to be silenced.

Diann Russell is the author of RANT: Politics & Snark in the Age of Obama, as well as two novels, Sliding Home Feet First and Under the Cloud. She is a political dissident residing in The People’s Republic of New York.

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7 thoughts on “DIANNY RANTS: Odds & Ends Saturday

  1. Phuzzy Logick Nov 30,2013 14:47

    “That one billion dollars, put back into the private sector would have done far more to help those who…”

    They could’ve just given every one of the US’s approximately 321 million citizens more than $3 million EACH. Most people could cover all their health care needs on just the INTEREST on $3 million, even at today’s abysmal rates.

  2. MM Dec 1,2013 04:12

    I have always self insured with catastrophic policy-I deal directly with my doctor and pay cash-about 10 years ago I needed a hernia repaired. I met with the surgeon and negotiated with her facility-I paid cash in advance and paid less than 1/2 what they bill insurance companies. When I had my colonoscopy at 54, same deal. Negotiated with the facility and paid cash. I had a check for the doctor in my pocket and gave it to him when I woke up. C’mon, whathehell is so hard about that?

    Sad about Chicago isn’t it? It’s really a beautiful city, I grew up on the north side-haven’t been back since mom died in 96-I tell my sister I’d feel naked(and stupid) without a weapon.

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  5. Steaming Pyle Dec 2,2013 10:36

    It’s also sad about San Francisco, the once beautiful city on the Bay, now littered with the homeless. Tourists must side-step them constantly and word is getting out. Thank you, (D)ims.

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  7. majorityofone Dec 3,2013 04:09

    Here is my plan. I will take responsibility for my health and any costs incurred. I don’t want the government messing with my wife, property, guns or a whole host of other things, so why would I want them responsible for my health care.

    It has never made anything cheaper and if it ever made anything better I’d be glad to hear about it. The job it is doing on things it should be responsible for doesn’t make me to confident it can do anything but increase cost, lower availability, and provide crappy service. Kind of like it does with border security.

    I do like death panels though. They’re the right option for people that think someone else should pay for their health care.

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