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The Democrats never cease to disappoint. Do they?

Never in the history of the planet has there been a crop of people so lacking in self-awareness and an understanding of irony than the Democrat Party.

Check out this tweet The Democrats sent out:

Like a Boss?


What Boss is he like? The kind whose business goes bankrupt because he has no idea how to run a business?

Like a Boss

Obama’s like a boss the way I’m like a rocket scientist.

Obama’s like a boss the way the Prius is Like a Rock.

Do Democrats even know what the word “boss” means?

No wonder they are killing the private sector.

Democrats really do not have a firm grasp on the concept of business, employment, and most clearly what it means to be an employer. Or, to use the vernacular, a “boss.”

A “boss” whose company has policies on how the business is to run knows that he must follow company policy, its bylaws and procedures.

In the Federal Government, the company policy, bylaws and procedures are known as the US Constitution.

Does our “boss” adhere to company policy, bylaws and procedures?


A “boss” of a company knows he must not spend more money than the business takes in, or he will go bankrupt and the company will cease to exist.

Does our “boss” use good expense to income policy?


A “boss” knows how to make and meet a payroll — making sure that his payroll expenses are always covered, not using a line of credit to pay employees, and making sure his payroll expense does not outpace the growth of the business.

Does our “boss” do that?


So, how, precisely is Obama “like a boss?”

Or, was there a different “boss” the Democrats had in mind?

Like A Boss 5

Perhaps, they misspoke and didn’t mean “BOSS.”

Like a Boss3

Like a Boss2

Let’s harken back to the last five and a half years with Barack Obama as President. I don’t know about you, but I am hard-pressed to find one example of him being Presidential let alone acting like a “Boss.”

What is boss-like about Obama.

Yeah, he’s bossy, but being bossy isn’t being the boss. And besides, aren’t we supposed to #BanBossy?

Like a Boss6

He bows to our enemies.

He appeases Putin.

He can’t stand up to the Mexican government and demand they release a US Marine who is chained to a chair in a Tijuana jail.

He is led around by the nose by Valerie Jarrett.

He is shielded from criticism and scrutiny because he apparently is incapable of withstanding the hard stuff that most “bosses” have to endure.

He takes no responsibility for anything that happens in his administration — blaming failures on others, like the previous boss.

He claims to be the last person to know what is going on in the boardroom.

You want to know the truth, I think the word they were grasping for was not “boss” but “pussy.”

Like a Boss4

We shouldn’t expect anything less from Democrats.

For folks who are so completely out of touch with the real world, it isn’t a surprise that they think they will appeal to Americans by portraying Obama as being Like a Boss.

These are the same people who are pushing Amnesty when only about 4% of the American people want them to.

These are the same people that, in the face of flagrant abuse of women by Democrats, push this idiotic Republican War on Women meme.

These are the same people that permit Sheila Jackson Lee to speak in public.

These are the same people that put a certifiable idiot a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

These are the same people who believe that extending unemployment benefits creates jobs.

Obama’s like a boss?

Let’s face it. If “Boss-man” Obama went on the Apprentice, he’d be the first person Donald Trump fired.


Obama, just a parting note.

You aren’t the boss of me.

Diann Russell is the author of RANT: Politics & Snark in the Age of Obama, as well as two novels, Sliding Home Feet First and Under the Cloud. She is a political dissident residing in The People’s Republic of New York.

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  1. Merry May 24,2014 13:17

    Like a puss! ROFL! Another great rant, Dianny.

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