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Indulge me as I recount a television plot as a matter of comparison.

One of my all-time favorite TV shows was the sadly brief Joss Whedon bit of genius called Firefly. It’s cancellation was infuriating. The fact that Glee has managed to survive beyond 13 episodes and Firefly got the axe midway through its first season is a prime example of ratings injustice. Perhaps if Kaylee had been a lesbian, Firefly would be enjoying its thirteenth season instead of not making it past its first fourteen episodes.

It’s hard to pick a favorite of the few airings. But one of mine is Jaynestown which aired just a little over eleven years ago.

The crew of the Serenity make their way to a planet known for the harvesting of mud used in the manufacture of ceramic parts. The people of this planet are virtual slaves, indentured by the magistrate to work long, hard days gathering mud. Serenity tough-guy Jayne Cobb is nervous about showing his face on the planet because he crossed the magistrate of the town and feared that he would be arrested or killed. Captain Reynolds forces Jayne to join them in spite of it.

As they make their way through the center of town, the crew discovers that the “mudders,” as they are called, have erected a statue in the town square of their hero. The man they called Jayne.


For the mudders, Jayne Cobb is a man of legend. They even wrote a song to celebrate “the hero of Canton, the man they called Jayne.”

Turns out, Jayne robbed the magistrate of quite a bit of money, but, as he made his escape, his aircraft took fire and began to lose altitude. So, Jayne, trying to save his own skin, tossed out everything that wasn’t bolted down including the money which fell squarely on the mudders.

But it turns out Jayne isn’t the hero they made him out to be. In addition to dropping the money to save his own skin, Jayne Cobb also kicked his partner-in-crime out of the craft as well. He did it all, not because he was a hero who “heard the mudders’ lament,” but because, selfish man that he is, Jayne Cobb wanted to save himself.

Interesting how a selfish act of preservation transformed Jayne Cobb into a man of legend. A hero. A savior. A man fighting for the little guy.

And he was none of that.

We are going to see in the coming months, especially by late 2015, the creation of the legend of the Great Hero of the American Worker, Hillary Clinton. She too will be cast in the role of savior, fighting for the little guy.

And she is none of that.

Just like Jayne, everything Hillary does is for her own self-preservation.

Hillary is working on the biggest score of her life. She is so sure she will be the next President of the United States she can almost taste it.

And nothing, nothing will stand in her way.

However, Hillary has some serious problems. Her ship is taking fire and she is losing altitude.

Everything not bolted down will be jettisoned.

The heaviest thing to go will be Obama. Because Hillary was Secretary of State under this, the single worst Presidency in the history of the country, she is linked to him.

Obama is going to be hard to toss overboard.

So Hillary and Bill will do it one piece at a time.

First up. Obamacare. This millstone around the Obama Administration is weighing her down. So Bill Clinton comes out and publicly states that Barack Obama needs to fix the problem of people losing their insurance. The philandering, disbarred, impeached liar is calling on Obama to “honor his commitment.”

This isn’t just distancing Hillary from Obamacare, it is creating the myth that the Clintons care about what happens to Americans.

No they don’t.

Remember, Clinton and Hillary tried to force healthcare reform down our throats in the nineties. They are all for it. Hillary, in the 2008 primaries, campaigned on forcing Americans to purchase insurance. Remember? Barack Obama was mortified back then at the concept of the “individual mandate.” He campaigned against it while Hillary campaigned for it.

And now, Obama has forced an individual mandate on the American People, and its former proponent is now setting herself up as someone who is strongly opposed to what is happening to the American people’s health insurance.

Strongly opposed to what she herself advocated.

Never forget it. Hillary Clinton was all for this destruction of our healthcare. But the legend of Hillary will be that she isn’t.

Everything is done to create the myth.

So Hillary needs to jettison Obamacare and create the myth of the great defender of the American People’s right to keep their health insurance.

But it isn’t just Obamacare that is weighing her down. Benghazi is an enormous liability. Repeated requests for additional security from her “good friend” Chris were ignored by Hillary when she was Secretary of State. She did nothing to bolster security and ensure the safety of her people in Benghazi.

And they were brutally, barbarically murdered.

Then, in typical Clinton fashion, Hillary managed to bubble up some crocodile tears and point the finger of blame to a YouTube video.

Hillary is tied to Benghazi. It is wrapped tightly around her neck. And if she has any hope of making it through the primaries and on to the general election, Hillary has to find a way to absolve herself of any culpability.

Don’t be surprised if the Clintons see the best solution to the Benghazi problem is to wrap it around Obama’s neck and toss him out of the airlock.

Never put anything past the Clintons. If Hillary can save her own sorry hide by blaming Benghazi on the current President, she will do it. If she has to nail Obama to the wall and finger him in the deaths of Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, she will.

Remember Vince Foster.

Nothing is beyond the Clintons. There is no moral gray area for them, because they have no morals. Hillary has no allegiance to Obama. When it served her purposes to be aligned with him, she was aligned with him. But if Obama drags her down, she will jettison him the first chance she gets. And if that means blaming him for Benghazi, she will do it. Especially if she can find a way to cast herself in the role of the wee little David fighting against big bad Goliath Obama — fighting for her friend Chris to no avail.

Think I’m nuts?

Remember Vince Foster.

Scheming Clintons

This is how the Clintons operate.

You know it.

I know it.

So, here it begins.

The creation of the myth.

The Legend of Hillary.

Great defender of the people. Strong leader fighting against the corruption and failure of Obama. Victim of the glass ceiling who, regardless of her own well-being, fights for you.

But unlike Jayne Cobb who, in the end, feels shame and remorse that these people have created a big fat phony myth around his selfish, heartless behavior, Hillary has no conscience. She will never feel bad for the lives she ruins and the lengths she goes to get what she wants.

Diann Russell is the author of RANT: Politics & Snark in the Age of Obama, as well as two novels, Sliding Home Feet First and Under the Cloud. She is a political dissident residing in The People’s Republic of New York.

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  1. phil.arbeit Nov 17,2013 21:40

    Excellent analysis. I believe Hillary took the job at State so she would remain in the limelight. She bailed right when things were starting to look iffy around the White House. With the compliant state-sponsored media at her back, she will be a formidable opponent for anyone, conservative or progressive. At the end of the day however, whoever is pulling Valerie Jarrett’s strings will decide whether or not Hillary is the Democratic nominee.

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