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You gotta love Democrats.

When life gets increasingly difficult for the American people, those guys pull their heads from their asses long enough to advance a law that will do the sum total of nothing to advance or preserve liberty.

Gotta love those Democrats.

In the Syracuse local ABC affiliate today, there is a brief story about a bevy of these Liberals appearing at the soon-to-close-due-to-“under-performance” Fowler High School to announce a bill co-sponsored by Democrat Congressman Dan “Beady-Eyes” Maffei. This bill is seeking to right a fundamental wrong facing Americans today.

Will it repeal Obamacare?

No. Way more significant than that. And, after all, Dan Maffei voted for Obamacare.

Will it reduce the regulatory burden on the private sector in order to create an environment that will enable businesses to hire?

Hell, no! That’s small potatoes!

Will it curb the out of control spending of the Federal Government and the ever-increasing welfare state?

You guys have got to stop thinking small.

This bill. Maffei’s bill in Congress. It is big. It is huge! It will bring this nation back from the brink of collapse!

Dan Maffei’s bill will require companies that offer smartphones and tablets to install a “kill switch” to devices so that if they are stolen they can immediately be disabled.

The initiative is called Secure Our Smartphones. Clever, huh?


Yes, America is sending out an SOS.

While we swirl the drain, Dan Maffei rides to the rescue to ensure that Congressional Democrats once again do the sum total of nothing to save our nation.

DC Dan Maffei

This is the classic case of rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Here is something Dan Maffei does not comprehend.

If there is a demand for something in the private market, manufacturers will provide it to meet demand.

You don’t need to make a law.

If enough customers who purchase smartphones and tablets ask that a kill switch be installed, manufacturers will install it.

Supply and Demand.

It’s something we residents of planet Earth refer to as a basic economic principle.

Which, come to think of it, may be why it didn’t occur to Dan Maffei.

Not being a resident of planet Earth, he isn’t familiar with basic economics.

Just a gander at Danny boy’s voting record proves my point.

He voted for Obamacare which has installed a kill switch on our healthcare system.

He voted for Cap & Trade which would install a kill switch on domestic energy production and independence.

He voted for Dodd/Frank which has installed an enormous kill switch on our financial systems and banks.

He is a strong supporter of amnesty which effectively places another kill switch on jobs, the economy and our national sovereignty.

Dan Maffei and the rest of the Democrats love kill switches.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that he is focusing like a laser on installing a kill switch on smartphones and tablets.

Problem is, if Dan Maffei and the rest of the Democrat Party continue their jihad on the US Economy, there won’t be nearly as many people who can afford smart phones and tablets.

Dan Maffei and the rest of the Democrats have installed the biggest kill switch of all. With every policy they advance, they have hard-wired it into the very heart of this nation. And Maffei and his co-conspirators within the Democrat Party can’t seem to keep their grubby little fingers off of it.

Secure Our Smartphones.

Clever, isn’t it?

How about Secure Our Health Insurance?

How about Secure our Jobs?

How about Secure our Borders?

How about Secure our Republic?

How about Secure our Constitution?

But, no! That wasn’t why Dan Maffei went to Washington DC.

He went to Washington DC because he longs to be a part of the Permanent Political Aristocracy.

He is, after all, a protégé of Charlie Rangel.

He won his seat here in 2008 and promptly lost it to Ann Marie Buerkle during the Tea Party Trouncing of 2010.

But Dan Maffei can envision no other life for himself but being a Washington DC Parasite. So in 2012, he again ran to reclaim his seat. Not because he wants to be a public servant. Hell no. But because Ann Marie Buerkle had one hell of a nerve derailing his attempt to burrow himself down deep like the plantar wart he is.

And Danny boy won in 2012 because, unlike the midterms, he had Obama at the top of the ticket.

And yet.

Despite the fact that Obama won the district by double-digits, Danny boy only won his seat back by 4%. Why? Because Ann Marie Buerkle was, in fact, a public servant. Many, and I mean many Democrats crossed party lines and cast their vote for her because she was truly our representative in Congress.

But Dan Maffei doesn’t represent District 24. Dan Maffei represents Dan Maffei.

He is just another entrenched parasite hoping to spend a large portion of his life sucking hard from the public teat. And, when he finally decides to leave, he will find himself a nice, lucrative job within the DC Establishment as a lobbyist or within the Federal Bureaucracy.

Dan is, as I mentioned, a protégé of Charlie Rangel.

Secure our Smartphones.

Secure our Heads up our Asses: It’s the Democrat Party way.

Your Congressman in Action, Central New York.

Sadly for our nation, there are many Dan Maffeis in Congress. From both parties.

Congressmen who talk big about “serving” the people of their district, who then go to DC and sink into the Black Hole of insider greed. Congressmen who care more about Securing Our Selves than they do about Serving Their Districts.

Secure Our Smartphones.

Dear God in heaven. This is exactly why these entrenched, blood-filled leeches need to be voted the hell out of office.

If for no other reason than to get their greedy, self-serving fingers off the kill switch they’ve installed on our nation.

Diann Russell is the author of RANT: Politics & Snark in the Age of Obama, as well as two novels, Sliding Home Feet First and Under the Cloud. She is a political dissident residing in The People’s Republic of New York.

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4 thoughts on “DIANNY RANTS: The Kill Switch

  1. JimKuce Apr 12,2014 17:27

    I visited a buddy of mine back in the mid-80’s when Hancock Field was a military base. Syracuse was a dump then. Has anything changed?

    • Dianny Apr 12,2014 17:34

      No. Decades of Liberal Democrat governance has led to cronyism and union-led racketeering. The city focuses on its union buddies and its cronies. Which is why now the Mayor is begging to the Federal Government to foot the bill for our out of date sewer and water system and the country has to come in and pay for ruined, pothole-infested streets.

      Naturally, the majority of people in this city continue to vote Democrat despite the fact that, like in every other Democrat-led city, the very people they elect are causing the damage the voters bitch about.

      It’s sad. Because Central New York is a beautiful area.
      Dianny recently posted…DIANNY RANTS: The Kill SwitchMy Profile

  2. Stranded in Sonoma Apr 13,2014 16:20

    Actually, every operating system manufacturer offers a way to track your phone if it gets stolen. I have a Windows Phone. No, don’t ask why. Windows calls it Find My Phone. You just go into Settings – Find My Phone and set it up. Then you browse to windowsphone.com, log in with your hotmail or live account, click on your phone name in the upper right and choose Find My Phone from the menu.

    Lookie! I found my phone! Guess what else you can do? Yes, LOCK IT UP! If you choose Lock from the menu right in the middle of the screen, you can even enter a message for the person that finds your phone! Or you can just ring your phone if you don’t have one nearby to use to call it.

    If your phone doesn’t offer this service it’s probably because you have out of date software or an out of date phone. Joe Biden has a 5 letter word for you — UPDATE.

    Why do we need legislation to force manufacturers to do something they already do? Oh yeah. Maffei has one of those mighty minds — mighty empty.
    Stranded in Sonoma recently posted…Underwear as a political statementMy Profile

  3. sig94 Apr 13,2014 18:48

    Dianny – John Katko in 2014.

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