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Oh, dear. Oh, dear.


It ain’t just a river in Egypt my friends.

Turns out, it is the faraway planet on which the Democrat Party resides.

Breitbart has an article that includes an email letter from Barack Obama to the Democrat Party faithful — or, as I like to call them, the aliens from the Planet De-Nile.

It’s a hoot!

Here it is:

The hardest thing in politics is changing the status quo. The easiest thing is to get cynical.

[Okay, I have to stop this for a moment to address King Barack from the Planet De-Nile. The voters who ousted the Democrats didn’t do it for “politics,” you clueless nitwit. We did it to stop your “Fundamental Transformation.” Moving on:]

The Republicans had a good night on Tuesday — but believe me when I tell you that our results were better because you stepped up, talked to your family and friends, and cast your ballot.

[Dianny here: so, the Republican voters didn’t step up, talk to our family and friends and cast our ballot?! Then how the hell did we spank the Democrats?! Your results were better? Better at losing big, maybe. Honestly, Planet De-Nile must be like living on a perpetual Tilt-a-Whirl.]

I want you to remember that we’re making progress. There are workers who have jobs today who didn’t have them before. There are millions of families who have health insurance today who didn’t have it before. There are kids going to college today who didn’t have the opportunity to go to college before.

[Dianny again: 92.6 million Americans are out of the labor force. This number has climbed every year since Obama was elected. Millions of families who have health insurance? First of all, how many millions of families LOST their health insurance last year and then had to scramble to find new health insurance? Is he counting them? Kids going to college? For what reason? College graduates are leaving school and moving back home with Mom and Dad because there are no freaking jobs!!! And yet Obama calls this “progress.”]

So don’t get cynical. Cynicism didn’t put a man on the moon. Cynicism has never won a war, or cured a disease, or built a business, or fed a young mind. Cynicism is a choice. And hope will always be a better choice.

[Dianny again: Isn’t it ironic that a man who relies on the cynicism of the people to jam his unwanted agenda down our throats whines about “cynicism?” You know what else doesn’t build a business, Barack? Government! You know who else hasn’t won a war? You, King Barack! Your voters didn’t stay home in droves because they are cynical. They stayed home in droves because they’ve been sold a bill of goods and were screwed royally by the guy they thought “cared about them.”]

I have hope for the next few years, and I have hope for what we’re going to accomplish together. If you do, too, join the Democratic Party, and let’s keep building this movement.

[Me again. Mr. President, the people who have hope for our future were the ones who turned out on November 4th and voted your sycophants out of office. The people who have hope for the future want to stop “this movement.” Because, it turns out your “movement” has more in common with a bowel movement than anything remotely “grass roots.”]

Thank you so much.

Barack Obama [Bold emphasis was mine too]

Ah, yes. Hope. Hope, hope, hope.

Keep hoping, Barack.

You can hope all you want, but it doesn’t change the fact that the Democrat Party got cut to ribbons on Tuesday.

But, one thing you can always count on from Liberal ideologues is a tenuous grasp on reality.

These are the people, after all, who believed in their wee little raisin hearts that passing Obamacare would make healthcare affordable.


Well, not because it does anything to make healthcare affordable. But because they just have “hope” in their ideology.

It doesn’t hurt that they do not live here on Planet Earth.

These are the people who truly do believe that legalizing millions upon millions of foreign nationals illegally in the country will create jobs, be a boon to our economy and increase wages.


Well, not because amnesty will help our economy or create good paying jobs. But because, well, fairness!

I used to be a Liberal (which you are welcome to read all about in the Introduction to my book RANT: Politics & Snark in the Age of Obama)

I know these people because I was one of them.

They do not reside on Planet Earth.

Liberals live in De-Nile.

They remind me of the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

King Arthur: Now stand aside, worthy adversary.
Black Knight: ‘Tis but a scratch.
King Arthur: A scratch? Your arm’s off.
Black Knight: No it isn’t.
King Arthur: What’s that, then?
Black Knight: [after a pause] I’ve had worse.
King Arthur: You liar.
Black Knight: Come on ya pansy.

Here we’ve cut them down and what’s Obama’s response?

He still has a mandate to pursue his radical agenda. He has a mandate because of the 2/3 of the American voters who didn’t vote (because apparently he knows that each and every one of them, by not voting, were showing their support).



Black Knight Obama

Obama, in his Hopey/Changey delusion believes that this election proves that the voters want Republicans to work with him on his agenda.

He refuses to stop pushing forward.


King Arthur: What are you gonna do? Bleed on me?!

It’s comical and pathetic, but there you have it.

The Democrat Party cannot conceive of an electorate that doesn’t embrace their radical agenda because they do not reside on Planet Earth.

They live in De-Nile.

And that will never change.

The one thing Obama has going for him is there are enough stupid people living in this country who still do believe in Hope & Change. They too are like the Black Knight.

They’ve had their jobs cut off from them. The healthcare they liked hacked away from them. They’ve had their hours slashed to part time.

And still they hobble about saying, “Yes we can! Yes we can!”


It ain’t pretty.

The frightening thing about a delusional person who is confronted with reality is they can become a wee bit psychotic.

Which means that the next two years are going to be harrowing.

Sure, the crazies at MSNBC may need to be put on suicide watch for a few months, but the crazies in the Democrat Party — especially the Crazy-in-Chief — are going to become unhinged.

Well, more unhinged.

I believe we will see Obama overreach in ways we have not seen up until this point. He will come back at us twice as hard.

He’ll bleed all over us.

Part of it is his delusion that he is still wildly popular.

But part of it is he is so deeply narcissistic.

We the People spoke up and loudly proclaimed that we do not want his vile agenda. We want the Republicans in Congress to stop him.

A narcissist faced with such negativity can get really, really nasty.

Like a stalker whose girlfriend dumps him, Obama may decide to destroy this country — if we don’t want him, then nobody can have us, so to speak.

There will be no “compromising” with this kind of vindictive narcissist.

There is no “working with” a man this deeply delusional.

I hope the Republicans realize that.

Sure, part of the Republicans priorities should be securing our southern and northern borders.

But even more important than that is ensuring that the border between Planet Earth and the Lala Land of De-Nile is completely and utterly impenetrable.

Because what crosses over that border is far, far more dangerous and destructive than anything coming through Mexico.

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