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For the Permanent Political Aristocracy in Washington, DC, there is a common enemy.

Whether you are Chuck Schumer whining your way through a speech at the far left Center for American Progress, or you are John Boehner slurring your way through a segment of the Tonight Show, your enemy is the same.

And it is We the People.

Make no mistake about it. There is rapidly becoming no difference between the Establishment Republicans and the Ideologically-Driven Communists Democrats in Washington, DC.

They do not speak for “the middle class.”

They do not speak for “the working class.”

They do not speak for “the people.”

They do not speak for a Constitutional Representative Republic.

They do not speak for anybody but themselves.

They care only about their own prosperity, power and success.

America can go straight to hell so long as the likes of Chuck Schumer or John Boehner maintain their position and control.

I listened to Friday’s Mark Levin Show with my morning coffee today, and was subjected to the most egregious examples of the Permanent Political Aristocracy’s condescension and arrogance.

Mark played clips of both Boehner’s vapid Tonight Show appearance as well as Chuck Schumer’s “Workers of the World, UNITE!” speech at Center for American Communism Progress.

And who is it they both attack?

The Tea Party.

Who is it they both accuse of being ideologically-driven?

The Tea Party.

Who gets the blame for being out of touch with “the people?”

The Tea Party.

The Republican Establishment has effectively changed the primary rules for the upcoming 2016 election. Why? To keep a Tea Party candidate from having a chance of winning. The RNC has basically jury-rigged the primary season in order to preserve their own entrenchment.

In his whining speech, Schumer went so far as to accuse the Tea Party of being “elitists.”

You see, for Schumer, the truth is as much a stranger as earning a living.

Chuck Schumer wants to increase the IRS’s attacking of the Tea Party because in Chuck Schumer’s mind, a Representative form of government should be devoid of citizen participants.

Schumer himself has been working in government his entire adult life. He clears nearly a half million dollars a year in this nice, cushy job. And what he fails to comprehend is that he didn’t make that wealth. He took it. He took it from the people who pay taxes. He took it from people who earn a living.

He is a parasite. A leech. A bloodsucking autocrat feeding off the lifeblood of the very people he wants to stamp out.

He berates those of means who financially support Tea Party candidates while at the same time is flying up to Wall Street on a regular basis to perform as many hand-jobs as he can to secure oodles in campaign cash from the very “rich” he claims to be against.

We are the common enemy of Democrats and Republicans.

Because We the People are a threat to their power.

And they know it.

Rush Limbaugh mentioned the other day that it will be the individual who will save this nation.

He’s right.

Government will not reform itself because it will not willingly relinquish the unearned power it has swallowed up.

Parasites like Schumer, Boehner, Pelosi, McCain, McConnell, Feinstein and the like, won’t rest until they can gobble up everything for themselves.

They will drain you dry, all along, claiming to be looking out for you.

Two thirds of the American people believe that Government has become too big, too unwieldy and out of control. Two thirds of the American people.

And yet, those two thirds of us are told by our supposed “betters” to shut the hell up, bend over and let them screw us as many times and as hard as they want.

We the People are their enemy because these cowardly invertebrates know the power we actually possess and they fear it.

They fear us.

It’s time we seize that power that we have.

It’s time we recognize that this no-holds barred, all-out assault on We the People is happening because these shiftless leeches are scared.

They are scared.

The only wealth these thieves possess is what they take from us.

The only power these cretins possess is what they take from us.

The only control they can gain is what we relinquish.

We, sovereign individuals all, can take it back. All of it. The money, the power, the control.

It doesn’t belong to Government.

It’s time we take back from them what they have stolen from us.

We are not looking to overthrow our nation.

We are on the side of our Constitution. They are not.

We are the ones who seek to restore our Republic. They are the ones who are attempting a coup.

They, these petty Tyrants, have made us their enemy.

It is time we fight back.

It is time we show them what a powerful enemy of Tyranny we are.

Diann Russell is the author of RANT: Politics & Snark in the Age of Obama, as well as two novels, Sliding Home Feet First and Under the Cloud. She is a political dissident residing in The People’s Republic of New York.

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