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I am convinced that the Obama Administration is chock-a-block with circus freaks.

These guys are contortionists who excel at twisting themselves into pretzels to avoid discussing what we on Planet Earth call the Islamic war on Western Civilization.

The knots these circus freaks will tie themselves into is pretty damn impressive.

We’re talking “Cirque du Soleil” impressive.

Breitbart TV has a clip from Fox News last night where State Department circus freak Marie Harf bends and twists herself into knots to avoid identifying Islamic extremists as being Islamic. Click the link here and watch it if you want to. All that was missing were three rings, a bunch of elephants and a trapeze net.

If you watch the video clip and find you’re having trouble following the thread of her argument it’s because it isn’t a thread so much as it’s a rat’s nest of knots.

Harf Pretzel

Part of the reason for the contortionist’s act nincompoops like Marie Harf and Josh Earnest put on is out of political correctness to be sure.

But political correctness is only part of the problem here.

I really do not believe for one minute that these guys would go to that kind of trouble just to spare the feelings of “moderate” Muslims.

There has got to be a more insidious reason for the contortionist routine from these circus freaks.

Listen. Let’s be honest here. Barack Obama doesn’t have a problem with the rising Caliphate.

Not one bit.

He said it himself. Should the political winds shift in an ugly direction, he would stand with the Muslims.

I really have a hard time believing that these idiots in the Obama Administration would go to all this trouble tying themselves into knots just to excuse Islam.

The only person these people would bend over backwards to protect and defend is Barack Obama. I really do believe that they’re twisting themselves into pretzels to keep us from knowing that our own President will not stand in the way of this rising Caliphate.

The contortionist routine is about shielding Obama, not shielding Islam.

Marie Harf certainly can’t go in front of television cameras and say, “Listen. The President welcomes this Caliphate, therefore the United States of America will not be combating radical Islamic terrorists no matter what they do to us.”

Josh Earnest can’t admit that Obama is emptying out Gitmo because he really doesn’t oppose their desire to destroy America.

So they obfuscate. They twist and bend and contort themselves six ways from Sunday. They claim that the threats to America do not just come from Islamic extremists. They claim that Islamic extremists have nothing to do with Islam. They out and out lie about how tough this Administration has been on terrorists, despite the fact that everyone on Planet Earth knows that is utter bullshit.

I’m telling you. They simply would not go to all that trouble and time just to protect Muslims.

They’re doing it to protect Obama.

They’re doing it because they know America’s President is on the side of our enemies.

They are doing it to keep us from seeing the truth about the man who swore an oath to protect and defend the American People.

All this jabbering on about “ISIS isn’t Islamic,” and “just because they say they are doing this in the name of Islam doesn’t mean they’re doing it in the name of Islam” has more to do with protecting Obama than it does with showing support for “moderate Muslims.”

I’m sure Marie Harf and Josh Earnest and every other idiot spokesperson for this Administration know they sound completely moronic.

Nobody would go to these lengths to look and sound this stupid just to protect a religion that they don’t care about.

No. They are doing it to protect Obama.

They’re doing it to hide the truth. And the truth is, Barack Hussein Obama does not have one single problem with Islam’s war on the West. Because Barack Obama, like those who would destroy us, despises Western Civilization, our civil society and our Judeo-Christian foundations.

So the circus freaks twist and bend and contort themselves into knots hoping we’ll get so lost in their convoluted double-speak to notice their boss isn’t standing with the United States of America.

He’s standing with our enemies.

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4 thoughts on “DIANNY RANTS: Circus Freaks

  1. Alan Jan 13,2015 16:57

    The difference in Muslims:
    The extremist Muslims want to behead us.
    The moderate Muslims want the extremist Muslims to behead us.

  2. Steaming Pyle Jan 13,2015 17:58

    How come the brain-dead press corpses in the room don’t ask her for statistics when she’s making outrageous comments like that. Name for us which Christian, which Jewish, which Hindu groups are commenting crimes against civilization…huh? huh? huh? Didn’t think she could.

  3. Steaming Pyle Jan 13,2015 17:59


  4. Owen in GA Jan 14,2015 10:15

    Well, you see it is really those veteran groups and TEA party groups that are the “REAL”* terrorists. After all they would stand in the way of the rise of the Caliphate in the new world!

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