DIANNY RANTS: Chuck Schumer: You’re Wanted on the Lido Deck 2

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Good to know that when our country is inching ever faster toward economic ruin, our unfunded liabilities plummet to the depths of debt we can only imagine being able to repay, the Democrats in the United States Senate continue to make a mockery of “The Most Deliberative Body.”

Four dead in Benghazi (crickets)

Countless numbers murdered in Mexico from “Fast and Furious.” (more crickets)

Obama nominating incompetents and radicals.

Defying the Second Amendment.

No budget in five years.

And Chuck Schumer decides it’s high time someone did something about those cruise ships.

See, herein lies the problem with having Senators who have done nothing in life except run for public office. Chuck Schumer hasn’t forgotten what the real world is like. Chuck Schumer has never resided in the real world. He has been, since the tender age of 24, a public sector parasite.

And just to rub our noses in how little Schumer thinks of our Constitution, his targeting of the cruise ship industry will actually include a passenger “Bill of Rights.”

Unless that means that if I go on a cruise, I have the right to freely practice my religion, carry a gun and am protected against illegal searches and seizures, I’m guessing it’s going to be mostly an attempt to regulate another private sector business right into the ground.

Or, in this case, right onto the reef.

I’m sure New York State’s junior Senator Kirsten Gillibrand will hop on board the cruise ship “Schumer-pop” in a NY minute. Because, as we all know, when sewage runs down walls on a Caribbean cruise, women are hardest hit.

I’m not saying that I would enjoy my vacation cruise if sewage and fecal matter were running down the walls. But, what’s the expression?

Oh, yeah.

Feces happens.

See, we in the private sector actually have checks and balances (remember those Chuck?) in place to ensure that the cruise ship that subjects its passengers to complementary sewage as part of the evening entertainment probably won’t get a lot of business where the non-sewage cruise ship company will get more business.

Chuck, I realize you don’t know this, having never worked in the Private Sector, but that is exactly how things work!

Let me give you an example that maybe you will understand:

If I sell hot dogs at a hot dog stand on Center Street, and I use human fecal matter as a condiment, you can bet I will lose business to the hot dog seller who uses mustard and relish. Pretty soon, mostly through horrified word of mouth, I will lose business entirely and will be forced to shutter my cart and wheel it home.

Not because Chuck Schumer came along and declared a Hot Dog Vendor Patron “Bill of Rights,” but because patrons are smart enough to avoid me like coliform.

If we printed up all of the Federal Government’s regulations on private sector businesses, and wheeled them aboard a Carnival Cruise Ship, it would sink to the bottom from the weight of the paper.

We don’t need more regulations, even when they’re dressed up as “Bills of Rights.”

We don’t need more Federal intrusion of any kind.

This weekend, I watched Rand Paul and Ted Cruz speak at CPAC. It was awesome to see two elected Senators who believe their role is to uphold and defend the Constitution, be a part of a genuine deliberative body, hold our officials accountable, and leave the American people alone.

I sat at my computer watching them speak feeling pretty bummed.

This! This is how elected, temporary citizen politicians should act!

I feel like Charlie Brown on Halloween.

Texas got Cruz!

Kentucky got Paul!

I got a couple of rocks.

(And not the kind Isaac puts in a Mai Tai.)

2 thoughts on “DIANNY RANTS: Chuck Schumer: You’re Wanted on the Lido Deck

  1. The Doktor Mar 18,2013 15:59

    I live in Illinois and I feel your pain.

    This Schumer is a guy? I always thought that “Schumer” was “street” for SHIT.

  2. Carmen Mar 21,2013 08:16

    Your articles are spot on and so nice to read. I do so with one thought “YES THERE ARE OTHERS LIKE ME!” Thank you.

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