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According to Roll Call, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (Idiot, Texas) spent over twenty-three thousand dollars flying to Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia in February.

According to sources, Ms. Jackson-Lee was hoping to catch a glimpse of the flag the Astronauts placed on the moon.

Just kidding.

She actually thinks that moon flag is somewhere on Mars.

Sheila Jackson Lee is so dim, she makes solar landscape lights after a cloudy day appear to have the strength of Klieg Lights at a Hollywood film opening.

Unfortunately, Article One of the US Constitution does not prevent us from electing people with the brain power of a snail.

Sheila Jackson-Lee serves on the House Homeland Security committee.

No wonder I don’t feel particularly secure in our homeland.

The day after the Muslim terrorist brothers bombed the Boston Marathon, Sheila Jackson-Lee took to the House floor and proclaimed that it was due to the “Seekester” that this “tragedy” occurred.

Sheila, honey, the bombing in Boston was not a tragedy; a tragedy is some awful accident. It was a terrorist attack on the homeland. You know, the homeland you are on a committee to make sure is secure?

Secondly, if you are so mortified by the “Seekester,” perhaps it would behoove you not to waste over twenty-three thousand dollars of taxpayer money on your six day trip.

These people are sickening, aren’t they?

Shortly after being saddled with him as President, the first time, Barack Obama proclaimed that we can’t go off to Vegas for vacations anymore, or buy some boat, that corporate CEOs can’t go flying around on their private jets.

Then he proceeds to spend the next four years going on every imaginable five-star vacation and flying around on his private jet (all paid for by the US taxpayer). He even took a little jaunt to Las Vegas (that dreaded place he hates so much) the very morning after Chris Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty and Sean Smith were slaughtered by Muslim Terrorists in Benghazi.

In California, a state that is slowly slipping into the Pacific Ocean, even without the helpful push of an earthquake, US Senator Dianne Feinstein’s husband was just awarded a $35 million dollar a mile contract to construct a portion of the state’s high speed rail that apparently everyone in California is clamoring for (except for all the people who pay taxes in California, but who care what they think?).

These people in Congress use their position as “citizen legislators” to fleece the American people for as much as they possibly can.

That’s how you get a Maxine Waters on the House Financial Services Committee helping funnel taxpayer money to the banks owned in part by her husband.

Ninety million Americans out of work?

Who cares?

We got money to steal and government contracts to shuffle our way.

Obama and Michelle act like royalty, but the Democrats in Congress act like burglars.

They claim that if you get them into office, that they will make sure to fight for you so that you can get “your fair share.” They’re going to take you along with them and see to it that your lives improve.

Then, they tell you to stay home and trust them while they go to the ritzy neighborhood, break into the biggest house, and proceed to steal the china, the silverware and the expensive jewelry. On their way out, they stick you with paying for the gas to fuel up the getaway car.

For Democrats, Washington DC is a great big piggy bank that they can plunder anytime they please.

Personally, I think every single member of Congress when they leave office should really have their luggage checked. Or, perhaps like at a hotel, we simply require them to provide a credit card upon being sworn into office so that the taxpayers can charge the card for everything these burglars take on their way out of town.

I don’t know which is more repugnant.

Watching Michelle and Barack live their Top Point Oh Oh One Percent lifestyle on our dime or being forced to put up with the petty thieves in Congress.

But they don’t care.

None of them do.

Barack and Michelle party likes it’s Rome and their Mr. & Mrs. Caligula.

And Democrats in Congress party like Fagan and his gang after a good night of pick-pocketing.

Meanwhile, ninety million Americans are without a job.

This is life in what Mark Levin calls Ameritopia, where Masterminds believe they know better how our lives should be lived. Then proceed to enact laws from which they are exempt, and tax the living daylights out of us.

All the while enriching themselves from the earnings the rest of us have worked so hard to gain.

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  1. The Doktor Apr 29,2013 15:07

    How in the HELL do you get better with each rant? It must be the “Seekester”.

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