Conservative Tenets: US Constitution

The US constitution is under attack by the left.

The free expression of religion is guaranteed by the USA constitution’s 1st Amendment. What we constantly hear the ACLU and other lefitsts yammering about (and aren’t they always yelling) is the “Establishment Clause”, i.e. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”. What we never hear are conservatives yelling about the “Free Exercise Clause”, i.e. “Congress shall make no law…prohibiting the free exercise thereof (religion).” Both are equally important and are to be revered.

The 1st Amendment Protects Political Speech! That was its primary intention.

Judicial Activism is wrong. Stop legislating from the bench from the left (and the right). Executive branch activism needs to be curtailed as well. For example, our congress has become a bunch of wimps and they don’t want to leave a paper trail, so they push their agenda through the courts. When that fails, they go to international law. Who wants to put their actual voting record in the congressional record anyway? This is a gross violation of our founding principles and must stop.

Positive rights written into the constitution are a really bad idea. Our nation is founded on “negative rights” restricting the Federal government. The government does not give us rights, we give the government their right to govern. Don’t forget this! We are entering an oppresive age of big government where this is all but forgotten. Don’t let Obama create “Positive Rights” in a second bill of rights.

Zero tolerance law enforcement is required in the USA. Our prisons are full of repeat offenders – and illegal aliens!

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