Conservative Tenets: Energy

Do Conservatives Want to Trash the Environment?

Hell no! As conservatives we believe that there is much wisdom in the market. The market would simply demand that we be using wind and solar power everywhere if they were presently economically feasible and efficient. We know that the USA creates 25% (2007 CIA World Fact Book) of the world’s GDP and that many nations depend on our nation’s economic prosperity for their own success. We know it takes lots energy to keep our economy strong and our industries humming. A weak economy makes us vulnerable to attack and straps our defense capabilities.

Conservatives believe nuclear energy is safe and the waste can be stored in safe places with advanced methods. We believe it makes incredible sense to build more nuclear plants. Due to liberal Democrats policies, the last nuclear plant “built” in the USA was 1977 (and came on line in 1996). This is just crazy! France gets over 70% of its electricty from nuclear energy!

Private property is the best way to manage land. Why let land rot if you own it? You want to improve it to grow more wealth. Its logical rational self interest and it works every time its been tried from the dawn of civilization. Of course there should be National Monuments, Wildlife Refuges, special reserved areas and rules and regulations to protect the environment. But indvidual states should be the advocates for their own properties – not the Federal Government.

Conservatives in general, don’t believe a “sufficient case” for “anthropogenic global warming” (AGW) has been proven by “man made” computer models. These models have proven to fail to agree with actual empirical measurements and observations of our planet’s climate). We know there are 30,000+ scientists that disagree with the climate change hysteria being foisted upon us by liberal politicians (like Al Gore) worldwide. They use “Climate Change” as part of the means to acheive their leftists goals.

Politicians in D.C. often pontificate about various “energy solutions” but few understand the very basics. They can start by understanding this chart What are they actually suggesting as a “viable” alternative to coal? The junior Senator from IL, now our elected President has publically stated that he wants to bankrupt the coal industry. Not too smart if you ask me.

You can read more about the “pseudo-science of global warming” that has gone mainstream here.

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