Conservative Tenets: Education 1

Elementary schools are best run by communities at the local level. We don’t want or need federal dollars.

The federal government is hurting elementary public education!

The NEA and elementary school teachers are heavily indoctrinated to the left. The NEA has created the “Education Degree” which we believe is a “dumbed down” undergraduate degree. Elementary school teachers should have degrees in Physics, Chemistry, English, Mathematics, Engineering, etc. with the appropriate classes added on for “education certification”.

The educational system has become a forum for the indoctrination of our youth; this includes revisionist history, moral relativism, and diminishment of critical thinking. Far left loons (like Henry Giroux) that are gaining credence in Washington are introducing wacky ideas like “Critical Pedagogy”. This postmodern tripe is exactly want we don’t need to create our next generation of competitive leaders in our schools.

The Universities (Academia) are infiltrated with far left leaning Professors The only reason US Universities can still compete internationally is because they are forced to compete domestically, i.e. students still have a choice! When it comes to educating our youth, competition is good for the system – at least at the University level. However, given the take over of “all” the Universities by leftists it doesn’t much matter. To improve our elementary schools we need to end the NEA and privatize or at least provide competition to government run schools in the form of vouchers or another innovation. Its also unfair to tax people for schools after their children have left the nest. People over 50 years of age should not have to pay local school taxes.

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  1. MM Jan 22,2013 15:21

    3 times we’ve tried to get a voucher program passed through a ballot initiative here in CO(forget about the legislature) and 3 times millions have poured in from every state teacher’s assoc., unions and our own scum sucking “gang of four” to defeat them.

    REgressives are well organized and they realize if they lose the ability to pour bullshit into our children’s heads, they begin to lose their hold on America.

    IMO the NEA is a terrorist organization and should be wiped out-they’re our number 1 threat.

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