Conservative Tenets: Economy

Capitalism works well and is the best known method to “spread the wealth around”.

Top earners are carrying more of the US Federal Income tax load than ever!

The USA’s growth rate over the first six years of the Bush presidency ranked near the top of all the world’s nations (in 2006 Democrats took majorities in the house and Senate and they were directly responsible for the subprime mortgate meltdown).

Tax rates should be flat, simple and apply to everyone – every wage earner needs to pay some Federal taxes.

Unions no longer serve a useful purpose in the USA. Perhaps its time for white collar unions for bit, but only a bit.

Foreign trade builds global capitalism and is good for the USA and the world! Free trade spreads capitalism and wealth. It creates millionaires and jobs world wide. It works well and that’s why the left hates it and protests it (most of the protestors are just dupes for the hard left). Remember, they (the all knowing nanny state ) needs to keep you down so they can continue to help you up. So free foreign trade (good old Capitalism) is what the left calls neoliberal imperialism. If that’s imperialism, i.e. owning your own HD Satellite TV system, I’m all for it and so should you be. Don’t be fooled again. -The Who, not the (World Health Orgainzation).

Entrepreneurs are the USA’s life blood. Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom. The left is attacking and hobbling the individual spirit of entrepeurism in the USA with big taxes and crappy schools.

The Federal Reserve System is unconstitutional and needs auditing and reform. Conservatives believe the Federal Reserve system must go. Its shadowy creation and existence has no oversite by the people for the people. Recall, that government works for us, not the opposite.

Leave our 401K plans alone!

Xenophobia and Protectionism are Wrong

Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid are broken and unfunded (the medical entitlement and Social Security implicit debts alone total about $ 51 trillion.

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