Concerned Tennessean 3

Concerned Tennessean

Today, he’d be called a “mean-spirited Teabilly”  by some.  Since when is the TRUTH extreme?

3 thoughts on “Concerned Tennessean

  1. LC Aggie Sith Jun 6,2013 22:53

    I was called a Teatard today. Badge of honor level: ACHIEVED!!
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  2. Steaming Pyle Jun 7,2013 12:06

    Well, once again Alinsky Rules apply…..when faced with cogent arguments, ridicule the adversary. Yeah, Southerners, and especially Tennesseans are easy targets, because “they talk funny”, but I can assure you that they can eviscerate a pig in 10 seconds or less….metaphorically speaking, that is.

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